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I had to miss the bow string portion of the class. The children had to
be tended to. And when I can move around a little easier I will get with
you to make a string. 

Gace Brule is a French poet from which I recieved my name. 

GACE BRULE (d. c. 1220), French trouvere, was a native of Champagne. It
has generally been asserted that he taught Thibaut of Champagne the art
of verse, an assumption which is based on a statement in the Chroniques
de Saint-Denis: " Si fist entre lui [Thibaut] et Gace Brule les plus
belles chansons et les plus delitables et melodieuses qui onque fussent
oies." This has been taken as evidence of collaboration between the two
poets. The passage will bear the interpretation that with those of Gace
the songs of Thibaut were the best hitherto known. Paulin Paris, in the
Histoire litteraire de la France (vol. xxiii.), quotes a number of facts
that fix an earlier date for Gace's songs. Gace is the author of the
earliest known jeu parti. The interlocutors are Gace and a count of
Brittany who is identified with Geoffrey of Brittany, son of Henry II.
of England. Gace appears to have been banished from Champagne and to
have found refuge in Brittany. A deed dated 1212 attests a contract
between Gatho Brusle (Gace Brule) and the Templars for a piece of land
in Dreux. It seems most probable that Gace died before 1220, at the
latest in 1225> 

Thus that is Gatho Brusle aka Gace Brule. Oddly enough I just read this
and odd how I have read his poetry for years but didn't really know his
back ground. Yet I named my daughter Brittany.

I shall pass on the Jimwat Juice but the juice of the orange that Lady
Nora has been giving to me seems to help. Although it has an after taste
is does lighten the head a little bit. She has assured me that it is yet
another elixer with healing powers and not poison. Since I have been
sleeping better I have no choice but to trust her. Lady Nora has been
trying to get my muscles to relax so the disc will slip back in. No
doubt to get me out of the house and back to work.

If anyone has had a slipped disc please email me direct and let meknow
the fastest way to fix it.

Chrestien Brule

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> Chrestien,
> You evidently failed to pay attention at our A&S day bow making class. Lord Phocas will be crushed when he finds out his explanation about bowstring construction was wasted on deaf ears!
> Here's what I got:
> String length--- The final length of your string should be a bit less than the length of the bow by about two to three inches.
> String material---Dacron B50 from Three River's Archery Supply
> String Construction---- It would take more words than I know to convey how to do it, but a good source of info is the Archer's Bible series of books,(4-volumes); they'll have everything you'll need.
> We can get together again at the barn or I'll bring the stuff to make what's called a Flemish bowstring to one of our practices.
> Now that you've teased us with the poem, who is or was Gace Brule?
> By the way; the drugs seem to be helping you come out of your shell. Try mixing them with just a smidgeon of Jimwat juice; it won't help with the pain, but it will put hair between your toes.
> HE Santiago
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> Well as most know I tried to relive my youth this past week, I failed. I
> have a slipped disc and am laid up at the moment. So As I take all the
> lovely potions and pills the healer has given me I decided to write a
> little. 
> Sundays Practice
> There was a large turn out at practice this Sunday. It was rather
> pleasant. I was unable to fight but enjoyed watching others. There were
> several people there that I have never seen and people I haven't seen in
> a while. SO I suggest we say that the press will be attending all sunday
> fighter practices.This way more people will be showing up to play. And
> sadly enough still no Silverhand.
> August 4 is the 216th day of the year (217th in leap years) in the
> Gregorian calendar. There are 149 days remaining until the end of the
> year. So if my math is correct that leaves only 142 shopping days left
> til Christmas. 
> On this Day:
> 1265 – Second Barons' War: Battle of Evesham – the army of Prince
> Edward (the future Edward I of England) defeats the forces of rebellious
> barons led by Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, killing de
> Montfort and many of his allies. This is sometimes considered the end of
> the age of chivalry in England.
> A Poem from Gace Brule
> The Birds  
> The birds, the birds of mine own land 
> I heard in Brittany; 
> And as they sung, they seemed to me 
> The very same I heard with thee. 
> And if it were indeed a dream, 
> Such thoughts they taught my soul to frame 
> That straight a plaintive number came, 
> Which still shall be my song, Till that reward is mine which love hath
> promised long. 
> I am in need of knowledge. Yes Your Excellancy, more than a little. I
> need to learn the finer points of bow string making. How does one
> determine the stings length? What type of string do I use? 
> Ok enogh for now. Time for my potion and pills.....
> Chrestien Brule
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