[Bordermarch] addendum #1 to my previous post

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Aug 6 09:11:34 PDT 2009

Since 9:00pm is when they chain off the entrances to the Park's parking lot that borders  Dowlen  Rd., and the Bordermarch children will want to play in the water fountains,

and the Bordermarch mom's will want to be able to watch the children, and the dad's will want to watch the moms watching the children, we'll try and gather sort of between the new

brick building and the tennis courts.

I think there's some lighting that stay's on after dark in that area, or we could always move to the tennis courts.

 A note to Sir Simonn;  Park in the tennis court parking lot this time so as to reduce your lovely wife's trek as she carries your armor box.

We have nothing to celebrate during this fighter practice except Lord Adolf's Birthday;  which I believe was yesterday, he is still less than 50yrs old!

I shall bring a wonderful cake with sprinkles and things to honor him if  HE Elisabeth loosens up with some cash.

My birthday was last week, I celebrated alone.

HE Santiago

PS;  Everything is subject to change once we arrive at practice.

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