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For all but the most thick-headed, the raised eyebrow is usually enough. Which is probably why Ld. Nik is so familiar with the "stern talking to."  Yes, I am alive.  I have also relocated my 'manse' to the very edge of our fair Barony and Kingdom, within a stone's throw of the river.  I got it from an old druid that the trees could be our allies. I have spent these past few years in a study of this science, in the hopes that the trees might actually provide us a barrier against future incursions, actively come to our aid or, at least - if I could learn their speech, or teach them ours - we might get advance warning of movements under their canopy.  As you can imagine, trees do not live on the same time table as we brief humans do, so this is a process requiring great patience on my part (another useful thing for me to learn!), and I cannot guarantee that there will be results in my lifetime.  But I do not hoard my old armor or weapons.  I have
 bestowed them where I thought they would be of use - but they can be recalled to me if I need them more than the present holders, and my armor still fits, and my hand has not forgotten everything it once knew... which was never as much as the stories seem to be pretending - but stories are almost always better than the actual events ever were so, enjoy, but do not believe! ;{>
Excellency, I do not think Your young Captain requires my service... I knew this lad once; he has a passably long head and knows it.  He learns what he will, where he will, in his own way.  If he has survived to this point, I expect he has learned enough to be of good use to You, and I am certain that he has the scars to prove that every lesson was learned the hard way.  However, as it is my pleasure to serve, and my duty to advise, I would never hold anything back when I thought that it could be of benefit.
It is hard to pull myself away from the trees when I feel so close to understanding, but I will try to make the journey into the heart of the Barony, and attend You at a fighter practice soon; I understand that we have many new people who are anxious to learn and help defend our dear lands, and this speaks very highly of the leadership, example, and true nobility of You both.
Until next I have the pleasure of Your company, I remain 
in service 
to the Kingdom, its People 
and their Crown

Ericus the Silverhand, WSA
Happiness is more than the absence of unhappiness

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Talking to the trees and petting them lovingly?....more like raising one eyebrow and giving them a stern talking to.

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I will attest, young Captain, that the Silverhand doth exist.  I spent time with him last Friday as we celebrated the birthday  of a family member. True it has been so long since he has appeared that his fame has faded into the mists and he is only spoken of in hushed whispers around the camp fire.  The Bards still speak of a Spanish knife fight in which he altered time and space itself.  Perhaps he has chosen the hermit's life because he has become frail and fragile in his dotage, but as one of the blessed few that still catches glimpses as he flits in and out amonst the trees ( talking to them and petting them lovingly). I assure you that he does still exist.  AmberLea

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> Has there been any word from The Silver Hand? I have heard rumors of his
> existence but have yet to see him.The tales of him have been told both
> far and wide. He is a true legend upon the lands. Yet I still wonder if
> he is a myth or has he become a hermit living away from those that wish
> to learn from his skill and hear his tales.
> My crew grows weary, they thirst for blood. I feel I will need to let
> them "unwind" at some point. I thing I will dock somewhere in Glenn
> Abhann to wreak havoc. I'll let you know how it goes.
> Chrestien Brule
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