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It sounds as though we missed a great gathering at Sunday's practice!

We would have loved to have been there to witness the emergence of the Silverhand, but the family unit does love the pursuit of our genealogical history.
We discovered that my father was directly related to my brother by way of our mother! Next week we shall endeavor to discover if any in our family have a 
History of planter's warts.

Saturday saw Lord Nik and his dad come by for a visit. One can tell from first impressions that Lord Nik's dad is well educated with impeccable manners, and
a wonderful set of social skills; unfortunately, he passed none of his talents to his son.

Lord Nik has been whining for the last month about wanting a stump!
I kept telling him to come on by and we could cut one from my private stock of cured stump logs; he finally showed up with his dad who was visiting from out of state.

We chatted with Lord Nik and his dad for a while then headed out to the logs, hoping to quell Lord Nik's craving for a stump. I chose one of my finest logs from which I would
produce Lord Nik's stump.

The log was a 70 yr old pine, 24" in diameter, and was seasoned to perfection. Since I didn't think Lord Nik had a penchant for bending over while he
worked on his stump, I cut it to the proper length, but not so long as to chaff his belly while he worked.

The chainsaw screamed to life and Lord Nik let out a small whimper. He grabbed he dad's arm as I began to rip through the stout pine log.
Lord Nik's eyes were like two dinner saucers, and his free hand trembled while covering his open mouth.

There was a huge gasp when Lord Nik's stump fell from the log and some of the bark shattered into small pieces. The bark sailed through the air to land at Lord Nik's feet,
prompting him to dance just a bit.

Lord Nik and I then gather our great strength into a focused mass and heaved his stump into the back of his vehicle; where it will more than likely reside for the next few months.

Lord Adolf and family showed up, and HE Elisabeth immediately had the day planned out for the men. In between the honey-dos we found time to construct a timbered 
thrown weapons target.

Lord Adolf just happened to have a few throwing axes in his possession, and since we had just made a nice target for said axes, we commenced to have some fun.
I learned that the proper stance is essential, and consistency is the name of the game.

We ended up competing with the women, HE Elisabeth and Lady Colecte, and lost! They have some kind of natural talent for throwing things.
I must admit, I'm hooked on the thrown weapons. I even glanced at my pile of metal for some possible sources for homemade axes.

My bow had its first arrow shot from it this weekend. M'lord Carlos let me borrow one of his arrows, and the bow shot very well; I actually hit the target!

The shiny thing in my yard that was mentioned in a previous post was witnessed to still be there by Lord Nik, his dad, and Lord Adolf. Not one of them walked the 
five paces from where they were to see what it was. 
It remains in the grass, silently waiting for someone who has an attention span of more than five seconds, to walk over 
and pick it up.

HE Santiago

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Well all went well. We had a few new people out trying their luck at
heavy and light. Friends of Kieth I believe. Also there was a gentleman
that was there that was new to me, but then again most are. 

Sir Simonn offered up some very good advice, as usual, that will benefit
all that listened. (Yes I was listening)

As Aldrich, myself, and this other Frenchman were talking and arming up,
a mystical druid appeared. It was as if he entered the area out of a
tree!!! As he approached I knew immediately that it was none other than
HE Don Ericus.

He spent a few hours there instructing and reminiscing of adventures
long past. The knowledge he shared was recieved openly and with great
interest. I plan on incorperating some of his teachings into my bag of
not so tricky tricks. I look forward to his return to teach myself and
others the glorious art of rapier fighting. 

HE AmberLea and her daughter were there, as well as The Golden Dona,
Lady Nora and children, Lord Tomas and the other usual suspects.

The Baron and Baroness were not in attendance. I am almost sure that
they were with familiy celebrating the  Opening of the Sistine Chapel
which occured on August 9th,1483. It was either that or mourning the
death of comedian Bernie Mac (2008). Not sure which.

As far as this coming Thursday practice, The Baron and Baroness may or
may not be attending. After all in 1516, The Treaty of Noyon between
France and Spain is signed. Francis recognises Charles's claim to
Naples, and Charles recognises Francis's claim to Milan. We know how
they like to celebrate histoy.

Well that sums up Sundays practice. If I forgot your name, misspelled
your name, or left you out all together I apologize. I was a hectic day,
and once HE Ericus showed up I lost interest in all else to listen to
his teachings.

Be well,
Chrestien Brule

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