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Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Wed Aug 19 09:36:48 PDT 2009

I just found out that someone in the barony is set aflame by the sight of really blue eyes; I shall not mention names.

Since I was nowhere near yesterday's tornado, I was not injured.

I rolled some more timbers around with the use of my peavey. I am preparing to start another project of monstrous proportions.

We discussed having another A&S day in the month of September; September approaches. Start thinking about what classes you would like to teach or what classes you would like taught.
A date has not been set, but the weekend of the 19th is Defender of the Fort in Raven's Fort. We shall be attending the event along with many others in the barony. Let us not plan our A&S day for that weekend.
It is also the weekend of Rosh Hashanah, and our family never eats Cool Whip on the weekend of Rosh Hashanah.

There is nothing in Guinness's Book of World records pertaining to nail clippings. Should we as a group strive for greatness, and go for the largest pile of nail clippings?

This Sunday will find some of us at site, mowing a bit of grass, mapping out pavilion locations for the upcoming BAM, pulling up grapevines, and getting the general logistics together for our Champion's competitions during BAM.
You are all welcome to join us for a day of much laughter. We shall strive to be nice, but that usually doesn't work out.
We'll be arriving about 8:00am, and hope to be finished up soon after lunch. It's always so much fun I can hardly wait!

As per Chrestien Brule's very accurate and much appreciated reports about our fighter practices, we have been getting a  lot of visitors stopping to inquire about the goings-on.
I'm thinking that perhaps the ladies could dance a little bit during fighter practice to draw even more folk.

As a rock star, I get to witness a lot of unusual happenings during a gig; last Saturday's gig held no exceptions.
I can't be sure, but I think it was Bordermarch's Lady Selina of the Wood and her partying girlfriend visiting from Austin, who were on one of the tables dancing!
It was  happening so far in the back of the club, I just couldn't be certain.
During a break I wandered towards the spot they were last seen dancing, and sure enough, there sitting a table were the culprits!
Evidently they had calmed down enough to hold a conversation; that's when Lady Selina, bubbly as usual, told me of her man-boys new job.

I do pray I don't get this wrong, but I believe her man-boy, Lord Antoine Picard, is no longer self employed; he is actually working for someone else!
I think he said he is supervising at least one hundred other employees, and now gets 12 minutes a day for lunch-Fantastic!!!
Thank God I had to go back to the stage because the girls looked like they were getting anxious to dance on another table.
Let's all congratulate our Lord Antoine Picard, man boy of Lady Selina of the Wood, in his new position as "Supreme Supervisor!"

Lady Catalinia, or is it Catalina, was also sitting in the audience last Saturday. She was very well behaved, but I still don't understand the straw and onion ring trick.

The Monday night armory at Sir Simonn's abode has been busy lately with much armor making. If you have an itch to make some armor or just want to watch how it's made, drop by around 7:00pm and visit with the Master, Sir Simonn.
If you're lucky, Countess Mistress Tessa might bring some cookies into the armory from her Cooking Guild's oven.
Lord Zane will also be there, but no one knows what he does.

We haven't heard from Lord Nik lately. I'm very interested in what he is doing with the stump we loaded into his vehicle.

Lord Phocas hardly ever post anything anymore, but I know for sure he's up to something; he's one of those guys who can't sit still.

I don't think I've ever seen a post from Lord Brand Eric, methinks he's frightened of the written word and its power.

I can't talk about Lord Malcolm because he doesn't read this list and it wouldn't be fair, but if someone else wants to talk about him-go ahead.

Lady Padraigin is suspiciously quiet.

My Lady Elisabeth was in silent mourning recently due to our daughter moving out to her own apartment. She took with her our little granddaughter, Harley.
Elisabeth has been sitting quietly, staring at the TV with saddened eyes. She said it's a form of withdrawal that might take a 12 step program to snap her out of it.
Personally, I think she secretly wants another child!

Although I have dissected a frog in 5th grade science class, I have no other medical training. I do know for a fact that a women has a limited amount of eggs, about 480, from which babies sprout.
I fear that Elisabeth's eggs might have dried up, thereby nixing the new baby thing, but I shall pursue with further research.
In the meantime, I offered to get her a Cabbage Patch doll as a throw-down grandbaby; she declined my offer
Since our daughter only moved 20 minutes down the road from us, we still get to visit with little Harley.
Elisabeth snatched Harley up the other day, and kept her for the weekend. Elisabeth now realizes that all is right with the world.

 HE Santiago

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