[Bordermarch] Fighter Practice and the much awaited GI Joe movie review

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Aug 20 12:26:42 PDT 2009

Don't forget, fighter practice tonight, Roger's Park, 7:00pm.

Since none have posted anything extraordinary to celebrate, tonight we celebrate nothing!

Perhaps someone, Lady Nora  could bring a camera,  and snap some shots for the next Trumpeter.

My latest movie review shall be the GI Joe movie that HE Elisabeth and I watched the other night.
We viewed it at the lovely Pines Theater located in downtown Silsbee.
During the first half of the show I learned that the bubbet sitting in front of us with her entire family, including her Gemini twins, was anticipating getting a new set of teeth!
HE Elisabeth loves these kind of action shows, and was oblivious to the distractions throughout the show.
When I finally became one with the movie my arm got stuck on something sticky on my seats arm-rest. Once again the distraction took me from my world of make-believe.
Elisabeth saw my distress and offered up some of her chocolate covered raisins. They were quite delicious, but the three raisins she doled out to me were not satiating my hunger.
When I held out the hand for just a few more she informed me that she just paid $4.00 for the raisins. I looked at the box she had in her hand and it was huge! She then pulled out a plastic bag from
within the huge box and to our dismay there was less than 30 raisins in the bag. I had already eaten three of them, and she ate about five so that means each raisin cost about 10 cents; what a deal!
I must have looked sad because Elisabeth gave me the larger portion of the raisins she had left, I love her deeply for her generosity. I shared my un-popped buttered popcorn kernels with her.
I also let her take a swig from my medium soft drink that came in a container the size of my granddaughters sippy cup.

Back to my review:
The movie was in color, lots of action, cool effects, the bad guy had a shiny plate in his head. and the French were hit really hard.
I highly recommend GI Joe.

HE Santiago

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