[Bordermarch] A new spy in foreign lands.

justinw at dreammakersetx.com justinw at dreammakersetx.com
Tue Aug 25 17:02:49 PDT 2009

Your Excellancy!!!!

I have spoken to our secret spy that has taken up residence in Gleann
Abhann!!!I shall refer to him as "The Knight of the Chalais". He says
that the fighters of Gleann Abhann are weak and poorly trained. He also
tells stories of thier lack of intelligence. He claims he has to slow
down and let them win at practices just to keep them fighting.

The more I hear of this Kingdom the more confident I am that victory
will be ours!!! You may have that swamp land soon!

The Golden Dona has assured me that his information is good. 

Chrestien Brule 

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