[Bordermarch] Jan 3 Gathering of Great Significance

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Sun Jan 4 11:34:00 PST 2009

January 3, 2009
Gathering of Great Significance

Personal appreciation from many of us unto Her Excellency Elisabeth, His Excellency Santiago,  
and Lady Collecte and Lady Padragain for hosting a beautiful gathering of fellowship yesterday held at Saint John's.

Mindful of several of our families with ill health, emergencies, and inability to travel, quite a number of the populace's traditional workers were sorely missed, mentioned, and well thought of.
Everyone appreciates Their Excellencies opening their home into the evening for the bells-and-pillows space.

Throughout the day it was extra nice to get acquainted with Milord John & Milady Rebecca at last in person after hearing so many wonderful stories for years about their life on mission in Africa.
Gorgeous fair weather allowed out doors fighter practices of both styles and a piñata for the youngsters.
Warriors armored up for fighting were Lord Adolf the Bear, Lord BrandIErik, Lord Zain Amber-Gate, Lord Sasha von Nevsky, and Lord Aaron Whitewolf under the watchful eye of Lord Nik, Sir Simonn, and His Excellency Santiago.
The crowd observed demos of chivalric and rapier styles and heard lessons on weapons, armor, moves on the field, acknowledging shots, and all manner of fighting related information.
Lord Sterling and Lord Slovaczek suspended a sunshine yellow pinata from a great tree, then
Little swordsman Carlos did give it a fair whacking to release the many jewels, gum, balloons, and other wonderments into a pile at the base of the tree. 
Infants Zaak and Abigail were aware of the excitement, and they could not take their eyes off the pinata activity.
Lady Gabrielle and Lord Decimus found a relaxing spot in the shade with Lady Bianca.

After absences of a year or more, it was nice to see Lady Isabella and Lord Il Dannach, Lord Elrique, and Lady Kandyce, present. A greeting word from Buddy away in the military reminded us all to think of him and his safety.
Dona Leah and daughter Lady Norah and Friend, and children, were a great addition to the fellowship. The host/esses had already hung several large banners surrounding the feasting tables including Lady Collecte's Kingdom Champion Mid-Eastern Dance prize banner. Lord Phocas brought several gold and black star banners to add to the ambience, as well as the hot off the press 2009 "Parchment Pages" for subscribers.
Lady Collecte provided evergreen highlights. Lady Katitcha arrived in time for revelry, as did Milord Elijah, Lady Lyllianne and Milady Heather and ___ (apologies for other young lady's name; someone please correct my mindless omission.)

Fantastic food topped off the late afternoon. Lady Meresankh provided cheese cubes; the Hostesses set out cheese goo and chips; I was most happy to share smoked salmon brought home from the glacier rivers of Alaska along with small apple fruit fritters; The Hostesses prepared a sumptuous large roasted fowl and fine spiral ham; His Excellency Santiago's magnificently seasoned brisket was divine; Lady Bianca provided a biiiiggg bowl of cold potato salad; Elijah brought his favorite beans and sausages; Lady Padragain made her special chicken pasta casserole; Lady Kemela helped everyone in the kitchen, holding cheesecake cool in the refrigerator "for later."
I played in the kitchen to chop and steam cabbages in a buttery redaction, all the while exchanging food and feast and delegation ideas with Lord Elrique and HE Santiago, but really just standing in the kitchen to inhale that brisket aroma...
We know Lord Sterling is quick with a blade, as he did in a flash take care of the sliced pork while Lord Elrique sliced the beef as it nearly fell apart into its own au juice; and... if you ever wondered how good His Excellency Santiago is with a blade, and if you are a roasted bird, get out of his way!  for you would rapidly be stacked in expert thin-slice layers, not a bone to be found in place.
The Hostess Ladies whipped out some chocolate desserts, and as we arranged the buffet table, the Kings' cake was served to everyone present. When Lady Lyllianne arrived with her Mom's asparagus casserole, folks made a bee line for the dish as if it too were a dessert. 

Lord Wimhotep and Lady Meresankh's teen son Mi'lord Craig won the King's cake "baby," destined to lead Yule Mis-Rule court with the friend who attended with him; Lord Adolf, who created embattled leather fillets for court, dubbed Craig as "Min-i-a-go" in training to sit at court in stead of San-ti-a-go...
Lord Decimus found the ring of affection inside his slice of cake; he is sure to be loved in the forthcoming year; Lady Kandyce promised to "purchase a lottery ticket" with the coin found in her slice of cake which designated wealth in the approaching year.
All the children present received a 12th Night stocking filled with sweet treats, and participants who wished to exchange gifts in the ring-around music or in ancient tradition, did so. Evening story telling and merriment continued. A toast was raised to Their Majesties Gunthar 2  and Elizabeth 1 and also to Loved Ones absent from us as sands in the hour glass began to drain into a pile.

Even the good Brave Chico pup did not mind the darkening of night, his own two eyes shining like forgotten stars.

Later into the evening, amid rapid fire of bells and pillows, Lord Antoine, Lady Celina, and Baby Lady Crystal gleefully arrived, with her 20+something birthdate approaching. And teensy little Haylee  -Santiago's grandbaby-  was dubbed as "Teeny-ah-go"  while she has grown into her crawling stage...
How the time doth flee! 
Best wishes to those who were missed. 

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