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David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 11:58:38 PST 2009

Our Dearest Officers and Populace,

What a whirlwind year it has been.....so many things happening in each of our lives as well as the BIG event we all put on in November.  Santiago and I knew it could be done as Bordermarch has big dreams and a big heart. 
Many, many, many thanks to each and everyone one of you for the little or big things you do.  We know that each of you help in different ways and we appreciate it immensely.  In these times of constant economic change and uncertainty and with the ups and downs of personal issues you still continue to love this barony and all that it is.  We are humbled by your support.

Our personal thanks to L. Colecte, L. Padraigin and all who assisted them for a wonderful Twelfth Night.  It was a change this year but one that brought new perspectives on fellowship and friends and was enjoyed by all.  Sometimes it's hard to except change since we are more comfortable in our old ways but with change comes greater things.  Just look at Melees 2008.  A record 767 people....more in our future, much more.  

How can we thank Countess Tessa for all she has done for this Barony over the years.  She truly loves Bordermarch and has been both an inspiration and a light.  Always willing to step in when needed to any position or to offer a helping hand as a deputy.  She truly deserves a break and we hope to give her some down time(yeah right!).   And a BIG thank you to L. Adolf the Bear and HE HL Theresa for stepping in and allowing Tessa's relaxation time to begin early.  We look forward to working with you both.

As you might already know, L. Padraigin will be Stewarding Baronial this year. Thank you, Thank You! 

Our gratitude also goes out to L. Bianca for stepping back into the Treasures position allowing L. Cataline to recover from Hurricane Ike.  Once again you came through for us and we thank you.  L. Cataline has resumed her position as Treasure as of Jan 2009. L. Bianca will remain a deputy...they really showed us how well this can work out when adversity hits home.  We are in awe!

Our prayers remain with L. Godric as he recovers.  We knew he was strong and he surely proved it.  BIG things are in your future L. Godric...Vivat!

Thank you all who stepped into new officer positions or changed to a deputy position.  You are the coal that makes this engine go.  Our inspiration one and all!

What will this year bring? Hopefully more growth and a reunion of old friends.  We would love to see those that have not played as much in recent months or years to try us again.  We encourage all to share their ideas for opportunities of growth and change.  Santiago and I promise not to say "tag you're it" when a good idea comes up holding you responsible for making it happen.  I think we have both shown ourselves to be true worker bees and supportive in any new and exciting challenges you threw at us.  Again we will never ask more of you than what we are willing to do ourselves.  We love the challenge and the change Bordermarch is going through and are excited that Kingdom is taking notice that, "we are the little Barony that can!"  As HE Armand eloquently said, "Bordermarch has always been know for its hospitality and abilities."  We're just reaching more people now. 

Santiago and I look forward to another fun filled year with our Bordermarch family.  You have all made it very special for us and we truly thank you. 

Please feel free to email, snail mail, whisper etc..your ideas, suggestions or concerns to us.  You can remain anonymous if you wish but we promise to address each one.  We can't make change, good or bad, happen alone, and if we don't know we can't fix it.  Remember...it takes a village...

God's Grace and see you at the January Populace  Meeting,

Elisabeth and Santiago

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