[Bordermarch] I am back

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Wed Jan 14 18:49:09 PST 2009


I have spent the last several weeks regrouping and watching from afar....only to find that I have been proven right yet again!  While I have been avioding being ambushed by some 
rabid "little people" under the employee of the baroness I have been able to discover some very interesting facts.

First, I was able to spend some quality time with the Baron and I must say that his condition is truly tough to observe.  First you must listen to these fanticiful tales of how his 
newest project will be some great wonder of the world.  The boat prow that I sent him is now being fashioned into some version of a great ballista capable of shooting over the 
curve of the Earth.  Needless to say that it is only pieces of srap iron and boat prow but you are forced to nod in agreement at his wide eyed stories.  I won't even go into the 
new yurt that he is planning that will also serve as the great hall for the Barony.  All men must have their dreams.

I was also able to observe the Baroness and needless to say she was not to keen on my presence in the keep.  I observed the Baron being fed the leafs of the vines on the walls of 
the keep rather than real food.  I even witnessed him begging for rasins to eat and saw him picking up some rasins off of the floor to sake his appetite.  While he seemed a willing 
participant to this type of food his behavior on the twelth night fest would say otherwise.  If something was coated or dipped in sugar he was eating it, behind the Baronesses back 
no less.

Now we need know what is in the new changes in the Barony.  While the Vaunted and much overworked one armed gardener decided to take a rest from her ceaseless work for the Barony, 
the lard covered leatherman has stepped in to fill the open of seneschal position on a temporary basis.  Obviously he is in her employ and thus she tightens her control over the 
officers.  We even had to witness the leathermans attempt at sword play during the days celebrations.  Warming up to do the Baronesses' dirty work?  He is a long way off from being 
a real threat but is in training none the less.

In closing I would like to warn anybody who chooses to visit the Baronial keep.  The Baroness has positioned several trees around the property to be ready to "fall" at a moments 
notice.  Do not be a victim, keep your eyes pealed.

In Service I remain

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