[Bordermarch] Roundtable Update & Congratulations

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 08:25:46 PST 2009

We're back along with L. Padraigin, L. Phocus, L. Elrique and L. Adolf from a very informative and well attended Kings Round table.  The Society is in good standing over all but membership numbers are down some.  General meeting went great for us!  An announcement was made that L. Adolf the Bear has been chosen to be the next Seneschal for Bordermarch effective immediately.  Congratulations Adolf we look forward to working with you.  Also Bordermarch was commended for the "fantastic Autumn Melees" we provided.  It was mentioned that we brought nearly 800 people through the gate to the tune of $13,000. Everyone cheered and is looking forward to Melees 2009.  Mistress Saundra the kingdom treasure made a special announcement thanking our L. Bianca (deputy treasure) for filling in when our regular treasure, L. Catalina was unable to full fill her duties after Hurricane Ike.  Mistress Saundra told the general session to use us as an example of how
 officers and deputy officers are supposed to work.  She praised L. Bianca for her fine job in maintaining the books, finishing the event report and submitting the financial paperwork correct and on time!   We were very proud to say the least.  Bordermarch continues to shine!  Vivat!

L. Catalina is now back and filling her duties as our local treasure.  Thanks again to L. Bianca.  This year we hope will be hurricane free!

For those of you that do not know L. Adolf the Bear here's a little background.  
Adolf is married to the Kingdoms Dance Champion L. Colecte.  They have three boys and a girl.  They've been playing approximately five years.  He and his two older sons are usually seen doing the heavy work at any event as they are all Big Ole Boy's.  Adolf participates in heavy fighting, makes his own leather armor and made his two fine camping yurts, has steward/co steward many events for Bordermarch and is ever present at both Gulf Wars and Castle work days.  Mundanely he is a manager for an industrial pump company and has many, many years experience in the business world.  He has taken both the treasure and Seneschal warranting class and is anxious to get started.  

Santiago and I attended the Baronial meeting with TRM's and TRH's and found it to be extremely informative.  Many of the groups are having the same experiences as we are with membership and low attendants at many of the smaller events.  TRM's gave us good suggestions and food for thought to work with in the coming year.  We look forward to sharing more at the next populace meeting, last Thursday in January, Gander Mountain.  Hope to see you all there as we play another year!!!

God's Grace,

Santiago and Elisabeth

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