[Bordermarch] Exciting Night at Populace

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Greetings, Guest, milord Chooperpoon,
Welcome to the Current Middle Ages; life not necessarily exactly as it 
"was," but as it "might have been."
The participants of Bordermarch shall look forward to meeting you.

Beside Populace Business Meetings, there are also other meetings of interest 
during weekday evenings.
Fighter practices, armoury, and others. More details would be on the webpage 
you have already found.
A few local families are particularly interested in Mid-Eastern culture 
studies which may be of interest to you.

Modern world question/s:
Are you affiliated in any way with the school district?
Might I have seen you with the FFA?

Have a good day,

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I am soo going to try and be there to meat al you intersting peolpe.

Kamoltwat Chooperpoon

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