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Now that we have the jokes out of the way, what really happened in the morning? I have no idea. Sorry I missed it. Would love to have been there.
Thank you Armand and Malcolm for courtly graces and heralding. Would have loved to see the flowing hair and heard the yelling. :) 

I got there in time to learn that black work (one word or two? not sure) is created with one continuous strand of thread so the front and back are both beautiful, making it possible to have a single layer of material for a cuff on a sleeve that can be turned up or left down. As for me I will leave the detailed sewing to those who make it look so effortless. Thank you Amberlea

With the T-Tunic class (I don't sew much anymore) I think I could make SCA garb without any effort. Taking one of my t-shirts lay it on top of a folded-in-half piece of material that when held up to me hangs to the floor and is wide enough to make sleeves, from the outside edge of the folded fabric, cut the sleeve as deep as you want it to hang off your arm back up to the underside of the tee shirt arm then taper down to the floor making the bottom of the skirt almost to the width of the sleeve. Don't forget to leave enough seam allowance. Cut an opening for your head with a slit in the front so it will go over your head, then stitch it so it will not fray, sew up the sides, put a hem on the bottom edge and "tada" you have an SCA garment. Did I spell that right?? Thank you Elisabeth

I did scroll layout to show how you layout a scroll with pencil before you ink so you have no mistakes when you ink. First, decide what wording you are going to put on the scroll, then using your clip art file (everyone should have a clip art reference file) find a suitable illuminated letter that will begin your scroll. (the first letter of the words you are using. ("B"e it known that, for instance.) With your supplies you have drawing pencils and writing pencils (will explain shortly), using your drawing pencil you will create a +/- 1" border lightly around the edge of your paper (this is to keep you from drawing off the edge of your paper), then indicate where your illuminated letter will be and lightly sketch the letter you have chosen to use as your first letter. (for those guys that think everything must be traced, we in scribal arts "don't trace, we draw). Once that is done then use the writing pencil to layout your writing. Hence writing pencil -
 decide which pen nib you are going to use and chisel a pencil to be the same width as your pen nib, this will allow you to lay out the writing exactly as it would be if you were using a pen with the ability to erase a mistake. So enough said about that.

I am so sorry I missed the bow making it must have been great but then if those who did the class would write it down, we will know how it is done. Thank you Phocas and Santiago

Russian cooking. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I had never tasted caviar (little tiny red fish eggs) before but what a treat, I can't remember the name of the pancake thing that it was put on but they tasted great. The information about the bread around the meat pies only being a container to cook the meat in was really interesting. What a waste of good bread :(. Bianca's bread was edable though and a meat pie that was really delicious. That the 4 & 20 black birds baked in a pie poem really was true, COOL. Delicious food!! Thank you Bianca.

I learned a lot about leather working that I never knew before, about the wetting learther. Who knew that if you only wet where you were working you would leave a stain. Wet the whole thing and there is no stain and once it is wet it takes very little pressure to create the design. Thank you Adolf 

Middle Eastern dancing, I learned an exercise to tighten your stomach that I never knew about and I am definately going to try it, it may take me a while but I think I can do it. And that you don't have to know a lot of steps to particiate in a hafla. Basic hip movement and hand movements and you can look like a pro. Thank you Colecte

I had to leave before the egg painting class but I heard that there was some flying eggs also :). Thank you Nikolai and your A&S eggs were beautiful.

I really had an enjoyable day and it was great infomation given. Again thank you to all who worked so hard.

And a very LARGE Thank You to  TE's Elisabeth and Santiago for allowing all of us to invade their home.

Bordermarch Historian
& Scribe

PS: For those of you who know Yagi (Ken), he is at the Oaks Nursing Home on Milam off of 23rd Street in Beaumont in unit # 1. I am not sure if he would remember you visiting but he can have visitors if you are inclined to go see him. He is not able to carry on much of a conversation but he trys.

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen
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What a good day!? I can truly say that this was one of the most informative days that I have had in the SCA.? Thank you to all who taught and learned.

To sumarize the day for the people who missed the classes please read below:

Courtly graces- how to make your hair flow freely in the wind
Court Heraldry- how to yell with out sounding like you are yelling
Blackwork- not black and not really work
T Tunic- Baroness' cover for her lack of sewing skills
Scribal arts- how to trace without getting caught
Bow making- how to take perfectly good wood, invest lots of time in tillering it(read scraping for the uninformed) and then become impatient and break it
Russian cooking- Usefull things to do with fish eggs and Dwarves
Leather working- things to do while drinking
Middle Eastern Dance- how to go into traction in three easy steps
Egg painting- how to throw a perfectly good egg onto the ground

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