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Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Mon Jun 15 09:53:40 PDT 2009

We would all like to hear from those who taught classes during our A&S day and from those who enjoyed the classes taught.
The day was scheduled from 10:00 till 5:00; we overran that by about three hours, and could have gone even longer.
The day started off with a bang as HE Don Armand blessed us all with a class on courtly graces, and ended with his cadet, Lord Nikolai, tossing one of his painted Ukrainian Easter eggs onto HE Elisabeth's living room floor. It seems Lord Nikolai forgot that the brass funnel that contains melted wax will burn flesh when accidently touched.
HE Amber Lea and her lovely daughter christened our new house by singing HE Elisabeth her favorite song, Wild Mountain Thyme. I got them to sing it in the front room with the 25 foot ceilings, and as I suspected it sounded like they were singing in a medieval stone chapel. The reverb was just perfect; I can only imagine a group of bards performing there with songs and stories.
Lord Malcolm and I finished up the evening discussing some deep contemplations about something that neither of us remembers.
The next day my lady and I crashed and did nothing productive.

A few items from my list of lost and found at A&S day:
Lord Adolf's two folding chairs, and some meteors from our driveway that his youngest son, m'lord Carlos, left on my ladies sewing table.
Lady Bianca's handmade baby quilt. I returned it during Sunday's fighter practice. She also left some meat pies that might have contained a dwarf or two; unfortunately we'll never know, I fed them to our dogs.
Lord Nikolai forgot half a dozen un-dyed  Ukrainian Easter eggs; sorry Nik, we already scrambled and ate them.
HE Armand's twenty seven red note books, complete with complementary ball-point pens. Some of them had pictures of a man that resembled one of those guys you see on those romance novels, you know, the guy with a lady hanging onto his leg for dear life, his chin out, and his long hair whipping in the wind. I think they belonged to Lady Catalina and Lord Adolf, it's so hard to tell.
Lord Justin's Heraldry hand-out provided by Lord Malcolm; I might have lied unintentionally when I said I would return it to him in the future.
Some black thread tangled into small shapes that look not unlike spiders. I'm thinking HE Amber Lea
A large plastic box that contains a set of "The Bowyer's Bible" books and other things. There was also a Osage bow in partial completion resting on top of the container. I found this box of goodies on the front porch of my shop. It looks a lot like the container that Lord Phocas used during bow making class, but surely he would not have forgotten it. Methinks it must be a gift for me!
I found a plaid skirt in my shop that must have belonged to a beefy catholic school girl; I think it belongs to Lord Malcolm. He used the shop to change from his kilt into mundane clothes, but it could also be my daughter's.
There's still a No 2 pencil stuck in the brick fireplace, must have been one of the urchins who put it there. HE Therese, do you want it back?

HE Santiago

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