[Bordermarch] Baronial Expansion

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Mon Jun 15 20:13:01 PDT 2009

Your Excelency Santiago,

I am deep in enemy territory performing your requested reconnisance and I must report that you were right, the Shire 
of Blackmoor Keep is ripe for the picking.  It seems that Gleann Abhann is caught sleeping and not ready for your 
plans.  I think that this territory, once pacified, will be a great stepping off point for future sorties.

I must say that I am surprized at your plans of agression, but I feel that they will work nicely.  If only the 
Baroness can keep from talking too much and let out your scheme.

I can smell the roasted goat already.  Let loose the Hounds of War!

Your Freind 

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