[Bordermarch] Middle Eastern Dance Championship

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Since some of the ladies who participated in our A&S day Middle Eastern dance class are still in traction, they will have a slight reprieve from practicing for the upcoming Championship at Melees.
Now that we all know our populace has talent in the A&S world, we should start planning on producing some items for our Autumn Melees gift baskets. The baskets will be presented to our new Champions, Archery & Equestrian. We would also like to gift the visiting Royalty some items crafted by the Bordermarch populace who seem to be very crafty folks indeed.
We ask that everyone walk in a single line with a cool calm demeanor as they sign up to help coordinate Autumn Melees. If you happen to be one of those folk who can't talk without moving your hands, you had better tape them down. If we see your hands move at all we will take that as a sign that you want to volunteer to be a coordinator. The coordinators list will be passed out at next populace which just happens to be the 25th of June!

Gosh how time does fly! It seems like just the other day we all gathered to entertain each other. I still have a few items that were left at our house. I'll give everyone till 8:30am Tuesday the 16th of June, 2009 to claim them. If they are not claimed they will go on EBay to help with my favorite charity, Rabbi Santiago's Church of the Rocking Holy Water.

HE Santiago

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Just to let you all know we will be hosting the Middle Eastern Dance Championship at the Bordermarch Autumn melees!

Yeah Bordermarch!
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