[Bordermarch] Baronian expansion

ragseg at aol.com ragseg at aol.com
Wed Jun 17 08:29:25 PDT 2009

Your Excellency,

To say I am shocked to catch wind of your scheming and aggressive plans against our good friends from Blackmoor Keep would be an understatement!? I now realize that the A&S day that was just held was in fact a cover for your war preparations.

While some of the classes (mine being one) were done in good faith, others obviously had other intentions.? Bow making- arming the troops no doubt, Scribal-how to write in code, T Tunic making- how to cloth the army quick and easy, Russian cooking- how to make a tasty goat dish, and the egg tossing class is obviously some type of ancient martial art self defense.

Who else is in on this plan?? I notice the Swordsman is suspiciousl quiet, the potter seems blisfully silent, the brewer, donless cadet and others seem fine with the news.

What say you to these charges?

Adolf the Bear

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