[Bordermarch] The Bow

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
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The bad news for Santiago is the brown material he so slyly borrowed was for his newest tunic.  Oh well now it will be a cummerbund...so sorry my dearest!  Now that my shoulder is better my mouth moves faster, thus my hands too only to prepare him for many more honey do's!!!

Always and forever his boss, 

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Greetings Bordermarch,

The good news is I haven't yet broken my latest bow; the bad news is HE Elisabeth might get miffed with me when she finds out I used some of the "Private Stock" from her piles of fabric.
I was looking for some linen to glue to the back of the bow, but as I scrutinized her fabric supplies I realized that I couldn't tell linen from duck canvas. I decided to pick out some fabric that would complement the color of my eyes which are chocolaty blue.
Since she was in Houston last weekend, I felt that I could remove the cloth to the shop and cut out just a bit for my bow. I replaced the fabric right where I found it, and with luck she'll never notice the patch I cut from it.

Due to HE Elisabeth's shoulder injury, her communication skills might not be up to par. As we all know, she unconsciously waves her hands around a lot when she speaks, and I fear she might cause further injury if excited. With everyone's help, perhaps we can keep her arm immobilized during populace this coming Thursday. She did get a steroid shot right in the shoulder joint yesterday, and she's already informed me she that feels like moving all the furniture tonight. I don't know how long this steroid induced burst of energy will last, but as long as it does---have pity on me!

HE Santiago
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