[Bordermarch] Goat herding

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Your Excellency,

     I am curious as to your description of "great cost"? For Lady Nora
has informed me that you ordered her to marry me or suffer a traitors
death. Granted I don't care how she came to be mine as long as she
remains. I figure that "great cost" in this situation would be the loss
of such a beautiful maiden. Nevertheless, I am on duty and look for the
one that seeks me. If memory serves me his name is Nomis, Novice, or
something like that. I can see the fires of Gleann Abhann. They are
burning bright along the coast. My crew wishes to see if the fires can
be easily extinguished. I have told them that the time will come when
the Stars are aligned with the sun and the Moon stands still. The fires
will be squashed like a gnat. This seems to please them but still they
wonder why there is a "g" in Gnat. Not the brightest bunch but brave and
faithful as they come. If I can be of service please call upon me and I
shall be there..

Chrestien Brule

P.S. I believe you have me confused with Don Armand.

P.P.S. I have tried a new dessert. It is to die for, you really must try
it. I will bring your chefs the recipe upon my return.

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> Nomis,
> Flee if you must, but remember to retrieve the Jimwat bush for my food taster. His throat is so bloated we must now feed him through a hollow river reed inserted into his nostril!
> The Night Shuffler says that the soft parts of his geech will soon be as hard as a chicken's beak unless the Jimwat is squeezed for it's healing juices. 
> I've sent Captain Brule to intercept and escort you to my manse. Since you've be away, Bodermarch has procured the services of Captain Brule and his ship. He has agreed to patrol the coastal waters and rivers ways that border our lands; in return, I have with great cost convinced Lady Nora of the Golden Donya to accept his hand in marriage. You'll find Captain Brule to be well versed in the  martial arts of Swash and Buckle. Look for something that resembles a peacock only prettier, that will be Captain Brule.
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> Your Excelency,
> Once again your wisdom has shown through.  The goat lovers are so complacent about thier lands that they are completly unaware of thier impending doom.  I am going to meet with the 
> Baron of Ax...some one is coming...must flee
> Nomis
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