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Forwarded from the Armour Archive:

Yet again I have the Honor of hosting a Knowne World Squires Tourney at Gulf 
Wars this year. It is currently listed as being held Thursday the 19th from 
2-4pm. The Ravine battle is scheduled for that morning from 10-12 so there 
will be a break, hopefully before the Squires Tourney begins.

The Tourney is open to all fighters in fealty to a Knight or Master of Arms 
of the Society. Squires are challenged to come and do battle in an Atlantian 
Speed Tourney format until a victor shows him or herself from the assembled 
fighters. It will be a Double Elimination tourney so there will be plenty of 
fighting. I encourage pick ups after you are out of the lists as these 
events are GREAT opportunities to fight people and styles completely foreign 
to how you fight back home.

All Knights and Masters of Arms present at Gulf Wars are invited to come to 
the tourney and to sign the Scroll that is being prepared for the winner of 
the tourney. Even if you do not have a student competing in the Tourney, 
please add your name to the scroll as a witness to the combat done that day.

If you are able to do so I would appreciate it if some of you good gentles 
could spread the word of this to the different Kingdom lists.

I hope to see many of you at Gulf Wars next week. If not there, then 
possibly Blackstone Raids or Pennsic.


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