[Bordermarch] Coronation Hafla

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Thu Mar 12 10:21:46 PDT 2009

Drummers, dancer, and revelers….

Come one come all to a Hafla fit for our newest King and Queen to be held on May 16th at the Coronation being hosted by the Shire of Rosenfeld!  Middle Eastern drumbeats, dancing, and merriment will be the purpose of the night as we celebrate the descent of our beloved King Gunthar and Queen Elizabeth and welcome Ansteorra's newest King and Queen, our current Prince Hrafn and Princess Elizabeta!  Drummers and dancers of Ansteorra….we welcome you and ask that you come and share your many talents.  It is a Hafla not to be missed as during the revelry our very own Princess Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa is said to be performing!  

In Service I Remain,
Lady Colecte le Fournier
Barony Bordermarch
Coronation Hafla Coordinator

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