[Bordermarch] My dad passed last night

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Dear Theresa,

   I am so sorry to hear that he has passed.  Knowing you, I know he was a good man.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with you

Love, Max & Nicole

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To my dear SCA family,

Just wanted you to know that my dad passed away last night about 9:30. My sister tried to call me when we were at I-Hop after populace meeting. He was sitting in his chair went to sleep and did not wake up. Ken and I are going up to mom and dads house today to be with mom and sister. 

Dad turned 89 January 15 and mom and dads anniversary was the 6th of March. We got to be with him this past sunday when they came to the house. I always cut dads hair. He was talking about putting in a spring vegetable garden and how tall his potato plants were. I will miss him he was going to show me how to change the seal on my comode. Funny the things you think about. He is in a better place now and I know he is watching over us. 

Tommy Avery came to the house last night to tell us since sister could not get us on the phone. He was commenting on the person Diogenise, "Did Diogenise ever find an honest man?" If he would have been around today he would have found one in my dad. 

Keep us in your prayers. I love all of you,
Theresa Liddle-Bernsen
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