[Bordermarch] A & S news ?

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Fri Mar 27 14:18:41 PDT 2009

Thinking of Theresa at this time makes me think of Arts/Science things.  

It's probably time for the populace start sending in notes for Ld Nikolai
to make his A & S letter for the month of March.

Personally, I witnessed at GW the fantastic results of the large period wooden wagon/play pen that Adolf and his family made. Little Abigail was a real head-turner going along the paths being hauled in her period wagon, and then she would really hold everyone's attention by her facial expressions as she might toss out certain toys or objects.

Padragain has gathered many jars of honey again, to disperse to folks who are wanting to make mead.
(And wasn't she brave on the rapier field for her first time at this war!  Yea!!!)

Collecte must have made several different sets of garb for her family members.

Aaron W. had made a few tunics with detachable sleeves for Simonn, and 
maybe other clothes for his family.  I'm sorry that I do not know.

Zane had crafted several new weapons after studying any number of ideas of how to 
make functional defense/offense pole weapons and more.

I sewed a new tapestry rapier fighting doublet for Zane, long sleeved, all one piece. 
Theresa helped me fit it on him with pins.

Our populace did eat well at war, sometimes in the food court, and sometimes in the camp by warming up pre-packaged hot meals prepared ahead of time from the homefront.  (All you had to do was boil water for the seal-a-meal.)

A nice camp shade pavilion was also added in the baronial area by Adolf and Collecte.

Our Baron did some quick dance work with his hands and feet around a torch, and perhaps he could teach the quick rhythm movements.   :)

Surely, as always, Wendy's knitting needles are probably clicking away.

I've been a bit out of touch in March, except for being at war, so hopefully there will be 
many remarks to be sent in by lots of the populace.

There are still things to get ready for April and May.
Anyone with art/sci news, please notify Nikolai.

Peace and Grace to all,

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