[Bordermarch] Sundays Fighter practice

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Thanks for the report M'lord Chrestien; it is good and well that practice was well attended.
As for HE Elisabeth and me, I'm afraid there was no celebrating during the day for us. I was indeed unfortunate enough to have eaten a bad clam or something. My normally strong constitution was
not so strong Sunday. Monday saw me stay home from work due to the illness. HE Elisabeth called me Monday noon and told me to come get her from work. It seems I had infected her with my illness.
I am back at work today feeling sort of normal, but HE Elisabeth is still recuperating at home.
I am very curious as to the source of the poisoned clam I ate. I thought I saw a familiar face in the tavern's kitchen, but then again, maybe not.

HE Santiago

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All went excellent again.

M'lord Gary and and young Jo-C as well as M'Lord Tomas and his lady Jill
were there. Lady Amber Lea and the Frenchman that i couldn't name was
there. And for the record, his name is Jacque or something like that.
Lady Nora and the demons...err..."children" were there. M'Lady Melanie
came out to visit as well.

The fighting was good and the company excellent.

The Baron and Baroness were off celebrating the 173rd anniversary of the
founding of Houston by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen 

Photos were posted on my facebook account.

Chrestien Brule

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