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Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.
My lovely twisted wifey, Elisabeth, gave me a few items last night and said they were clues as to what I'll receive this Saturday when some of our family come in for the weekend.

This is what she gave me: 
One green and white high end tooth brush
One set of AA batteries
One small can of hair spray
One very nice rubbery hair brush
One tube of tooth paste

I guessed she wanted me looking especially nice for the family visit, but she insisted that’s not what the gifts are for.
I would ask or populace for some help on this one. Post your best guesses as to what her surprise is going to be this Saturday.

My daughter who knows my heart well gave me a pack of Reese's Cups, which I stuck in the freezer for a post apocalyptic event.

HE Santiago

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I would like to wish our great Baron a Happy Birthday. He is a whoppin
42 today!!!  Happy Birthday your Excellancy!!

Chrestien Brule

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