[Bordermarch] Fighter Practice

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Sep 3 06:59:56 PDT 2009

Greetings Bordermarch,

Fighter practice at Rogers Park shall take place at 7:00pm tonight. Everyone I've talked to so far is really excited about it tonight. We've got some good news concerning the shoe polish question, and we'll share it with all tonight.

What has two arms, two legs, no brain, and looks like a 170lb blubbery ball of gristle rolling along the asphalt at about 60mph?

My son, Termiticus the Invincible, after his wheelie went south on him.

Seems he pulled this stunt last Monday while at his bud's.
His recollection of the situation goes something like this:
"Dad, I was in sixth gear, going about 60-65mph, and I had the bike under complete control. I was looking real good when out of nowhere a gust of wind pushed the bike over too far.
I bailed from the bike and started running, but then I realized that I couldn't run 60mph! I performed your tuck-and-roll technique just before I hit the asphalt."
[I'm real proud of my boy for paying attention to the survival  techniques I employ when I fall.]
"Dad, my right shoulder hit first and I felt some skin come off, then my left shoulder hit and more skin came off. Somehow I skinned up my butt cheeks and ankle, but I can't remember how."

Since his dirt bike survived with little damage, he rode it home. He made a grand entrance into the house, acting like he just kicked a big rat in the head, and starting shouting for everyone to come see his wounds.
I wasn't home at the time, but when Elisabeth saw his wounds she dragged him into the shower and started scrubbing the dirt and gravel from his road rashes with Dial soap; he screamed.

When I came home later in the evening and saw his wounds, I told him, {from personal experience}, that he might not be in much pain now, but wait until tomorrow.
Sure enough, the next day he had to come home from school because he was feeling so bad.
He claims he will still do wheelies on his bike, but will confine them to the grass.
Elisabeth has a brand new bar of dial soap ready.

HE Santiago

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