[Bordermarch] Superfluous Rhetoric

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Sep 10 09:48:13 PDT 2009

I shall be more than happy to assist the "smallish boy" with the construction of a bow. You won't have to bring a thing, I have plenty of everything he'll need except some free time for the next few weeks.
As per Elisabeth's post, A&S day will have to be postponed for just a bit, but that just gives everyone more time to get their stuff together.
We'll see you guys out at fighter practice tonight if the weather holds out.

OH My! It just came to me; You'll now have time to organize that A&S class of yours, won't you Lovely Lady Jillian.

HE Santiago

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Your Most Excellentness,

What time will A&S day start/end?  Any kid activities planned?  Could you be
persuaded to furnish me with a list of needed materials to build one
smallish boy-sized bow (he's almost 8) and an archery target for him to
practice upon?  And after you've furnished the supply list, could you help
us then build it?
I will definitely be there with heraldry works/materials in tow, but I won't
have an organized 'class'.  If you have any questions about
heraldry/submission processes, I'll be happy to help you research and/or
pester my Excellent Mother when we can't find an immediate answer!


PS Thomas wants to know if anyone will be fighting, but warns that he'll be
at work until after 1 pm, at least.

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