[Bordermarch] Fighter Practice 09/17/09

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Fri Sep 18 06:39:35 PDT 2009

Greetings Bordermarch,

Last night's fighter practice saw Lady Padraigin showing off her new fluorescent pink rapier tips. All the guys wanted some for their blades, but it was Lord Nik who vowed to make some for his Don, HE Don Armand.
Lady Padgaigin suited up and waited until Sir Simonn was slap-dab-out worn with his previous fights before she decided to challenge him to a duel. It was a lucky moment for Sir Simonn when Lord Zane approached and whisked Lady Padraigin off
for a fight. Since it was getting dark, we couldn't see them fighting, but there was a lot of screaming going on.

M'lord Grant brought another young friend to practice last night. The young friend, M'lord Timothy, was accompanied by his dad, and both enjoyed watching the fighting.
M'ord Timothy was introduced to some boffer style fighting by M'lord Grant.  They geared up and M'lord Grant worked with his friend showing him the basic moves; M'lord Timothy loved it
M'lord Gary and his lovely daughter M'lady Josie were in attendance and ready to fight! Once again, M'lord Gary fought until it was time to leave, and M'lady Josie couldn't get enough of the instructional training from all the fighters.

M'lord Chrestien showed up without his family. It seems that illness has struck their household guised as high fever for one of the sprouts. Lady Nora opted to stay and care for the children so as to hasten their recovery. We all hope they
are well enough to attend Defender of the Fort with us this weekend in Huntsville.

Lady Jill and her man-boy, M'lord Thomas, arrived a bit late. They had with them a young child, but due to the unexpected onslaught of mosquitoes, I couldn't see his face since it was buried in momma's skirt. The flying bloodsuckers must be getting
very picky because the older folks present at practice were not bothered with them; the younger folks apparently have sweeter blood.

Lady Jill was seen performing what looked like a simplified version of Irish step dancing. She would raise a bared  calf really high and slap it with intent before she stomped the ground and raised the next calf. Lord Nik was also bothered by the insects, but his dancing was a unrefined; it looked more like country clogging.

The two beautiful young ladies who spent time with us at practice shall remain anonymous. They are SCA'ers who claimed to have been absent of late apparently because Lady Lyllianne The Poetess now has a job which prevents her from coming to fighter practice!
I haven't quite figured this out yet, but it must have something to do with Lady Gabrielle or Lord Phocas, the parents of Lady Lyllianne.

Lord Vaclav Slovaczek arrived at practice last night without his trademark white lab coat flapping in the breeze. Since no pills were spilling forth from his pockets leaving a trail from whence he came,  we figure he must have learned how to read a map.

Before I went to practice last night I had a bit of time to practice with my bow and new arrows; unfortunately, there must be something wrong with the arrows.

HE Santiago

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