[Bordermarch] News and some more excitement!

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Mon Sep 21 08:36:49 PDT 2009

Oh-oh oh OHHH!
Populace is this Thursday at Gander Mountain, which is located on the corner of Dowlen and this side of the Eastex Freeway.
Officer's meeting will precede the regular populace meeting by about half an hour, that means you officers should be there about a half hour early!
Maybe we'll turn this meeting into a pre-event meeting so we can catch up what's happening for BAM.

We had some food left over from last weekend's Defender of the Fort; we'll bring it to share with our friends. We had some grapes, but Lord Sasha ate most of them at the event.

Not this weekend, but next weekend is Three Queens in Tyler. We'll be going with plenty of bling and some good eats. We'll probably day-trip the event since it's only about three hours from the house. Of course we'll get lost, but that's to be expected.
We'd like to see Bordermarch make a statement at Three Queens with lots of Bordermarchers present. Let us know if you think you might like to join us for the event.

This has nothing to do with the above missive, but it is important.
De-udder-day HE Elisabeth and I were walking into Gander Mountain so's I could purchase an archery target. I need the target because my spy, The Seventh Hand of Kebol's Assassin's Guild, recently informed me that M'lord Carlos the Dominator, my arch nemesis, has passed from Kindergarten to the second stage of his assassin training. No doubt his focus is entirely centered upon my destruction only because momma Lady Colecte has made him eat some tainted vegetable like spinach from her "Garden of Death!"
I now fear that all of the quality time once spent with my dear Lady Elisabeth will be forfeit. I shall have to spend grueling hours on the archery range in preparation for the upcoming shoot-off between M'lord Carlos and myself.

My spy also sent word that M'lord Carlos was being taught a mantra by his momma, Lady Colecte.
M'lord Carlos was overheard repeating this mantra over and over again while spooning down a bowl of homemade pea soup:

Santiago is a dog-o who don't like baby deer!
Santiago is a dog-o with big belly full of beer!
Momma knows the dog-o, and help her little boy
Momma feed the dog-o big poison root Bok-Choy!

Santiago is a dog-o, he hide like sewer rat!
Santiago is a dog-o, can't hide cause dog-o fat!
Momma knows the dog-o, and help her little boy
Momma feed the dog-o big poison root Bok-Choy!

Santiago is a dog-o who calls Carlos little boy
Santiago is a dog-o cause he a little boy!
Momma knows the dog-o, and help her little boy
Momma feed the dog-o big poison root Bok-Choy!

While HE Elisabeth and I were walking into Gander Mountain, holding hands like a couple of young lovers, my foot caught on one of those asphalt speed traps in the parking lot. Of course I tripped and stumbled all over the place, looking not unlike a drunken fool!
Thank God I was holding Elisabeth's hand, she was my rock, and my anchor. Her steady grip never wavered while I was teetering on the edge death's precipice. The glue that binds our love for each other must have given her the strength to guide my spasmodic gyrations back into a state of normality.
When I was finally stabilized I felt safe enough to release Elisabeth's hand and wipe the sweat from my brow. I looked down at the asphalt speed bump that I just tripped over and realized it was only an inch tall!
I think it was the combination of the heat making the asphalt sticky and the Yellow Box shoes I was wearing. The soles of my Yellow Box shoes have an extra tacky grip that must have stuck to the melted asphalt.
I think Elisabeth was crying because tears were streaming down her cheeks. She never took credit for saving me from another fall, she just sobbed and sobbed.

HE Santiago

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