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Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Tue Sep 22 07:56:21 PDT 2009

News Flash::::
...late model Dodge Charger...black coup with hard top.... reported vandalized with large bacon grease like smear on driver's side door....
...vehicle vandalized while parked in Lamer University parking lot....
...any witness to crime to report to Bordermarch at list.ansteorra.org<mailto:Bordermarch at list.ansteorra.org>....

I caught this on the API this morning and realized immediately that the black car mentioned fits the description of the car Lord Nik told me he hit with his head yesterday.
Seems he pulled one on my stunts and slipped on a downhill slope in the parking lot, only this is southeast Texas, and there are no downhill slopes anywhere!

He said he had just finished biking about thirty miles, and his thighs were like jelly.. While attempting to cross the parking lot his left ankle gave way and down he went.
Lucky for him a black Dodge Charger was close enough to allow him to plant his sweaty face into the door and slow his descent.

 "Fat Man Down!"  "Fat Man Down!" could be heard from the distant crowd of unbelieving college students. Lord Nik said none rushed to his aid.
 When he managed to get his feet back under his center of gravity, he hobbled back to his office. He said he saw his greasy face print on the door of the car, but didn't have the strength to wipe it off.

Give Lord Nik a hug next time you see him

HE Santiago

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