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Ai Your Excellency!
  Did they not have Giraffes back in pre-15th century?  After show and
tell can I have the Giraffe bone to make a flute?  PlEEESE?!?!?!?!

I'll even bring Pandora Penncraft as my show and tell!

Thinker Tinker

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Tonight, For one night only! You too can hold in your very hands
Santiago's truly wondrous "Giraffe Leg Bone!" Hear the suspense filled
tale of its discovery and long journey from the arid slopes of
Kilimanjaro to our fair Barony Bordermarch....
Let its pearl white luster inspire you to perform magnificent works of
scrimshaw. Its gigantic size screams to be incised with runes by a
Master bone carver. Its stupendous mass will force any true warrior who
dares attempt to lift it to cringe at the thought of its use as a
weapon! The Blade Smith will dream of utilizing the Giraffe Bone's
natural beauty  for a special knife fit for a King. The cook will surely
drool whilst visualizing a great bone soup.
The Giraffe Bone shall be the catalyst that inspires a future A&S
Get your picture taken with the Giraffe Bone for next month's

Populace tonight, and officer's meeting at Gander Mountain

HE Santiago
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