[Bordermarch] A Historical Moment

Bill C Burgin billcburgin at yahoo.com
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I never thought I would say this to a Nobleman, but I feel totally robbed by 
this post.  I believe I was made to read under false pretenses and this is 60 
seconds of my life I can never get back.
"Historical Moment?" bah!  "Tasty morsel?" phooey!
You know the old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on 
So beware, little Baron who cried "Listen to me, I know something interesting!"
We cannot destroy the Earth; we can only destroy our ability to live on it.

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I would ask for those who went to Three Commanders; M'Lord Thomas, Lady Jillian, 
M'Lord Ethan, HE Don Armand, and his two favorite cadets, Lord Nikolai and Lord 
Sasha, as well as Sir Simonn and Lord Zane, to perhaps bless us with some 
verbiage about the event. Maybe you could send some pictures to the Bordermarch 
Chronicler. We would like to report on the event in the next Trumpeter.

Now for a tasty morsel of news.
There has been some recent changes in the Publication Permission Forms in the 
SCA, the new forms can be found on the SCA website.
The old forms that everyone has previously signed are only good until January 
1st, 2011.
This means that we all need to fill out the proper forms so's your local 
Chronicler's office can have them on file. All of the Officers need to fill them 
out because we post your lovely photograph in every single issue of the 
I hope to have some at fighter practice tonight for some of ya'll to fill out.


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