[Bordermarch] Will she ever stop

Jillian Birtciel saintesun at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 04:32:57 PDT 2010

She never will!

HE Elizabeth has also decided that the Barony encampment should have food to
share at EVERY MEAL!

If you'd like to camp with us or just come eat a supper or share a breakfast
with us, let me know so we can keep track of what food to expect and what
gear might be needed.

Since Thursday night will probably be light on folks as well as food (and HE
only mentioned it to me last evening as I was leaving...) we don't currently
have anything planned, but I'll think of something to share out!

Friday morning so far has some sweet/fruit breads from Thomas & myself.

Friday lunch has nothing planned yet.

Friday supper is the Official Baronial Pot-Luck:  Italian Theme
HE AmberLea - Pasta Fagioule
Thomas & Jillian - ciabatta & homemade butter
HE Therese - fresh salad
Mistress Tessa - something yummy (she's exempt if she wants to be since she
broke herself)
HE Elizabeth - something else yummy & lots of cookware
HE Santiago - 3 cans of corn + one case for Ld. Calvin
Ld. Chrestien - cookies
? - chicken spaghetti
Anonymous - pico de gallo
Ld. Calvin - rice
HE Dena - gumbo

Saturday morning
Rissoles - Ly. Jillian

That's all I've got so far.  Plenty for Friday, light everywhere else.  Yes,
I realize some of these entries are jokes, but hopefully reminding everyone
of how funny you are (even those who didn't take credit for their own humor)
will prod you into bringing something anyway!  Of the commitments with no
names, joking or otherwise, if someone would like to own up to those, I'll
happily give you credit!

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> Once again I am writing to the populace of Bordermarch to cry a warning...
> It seems that Countess Tessa has run afoul of the Baroness and has paid the
> price.  once again she fulfills her promise to crush all who oppose her!
> Beware of the Baroness of Border March.
> On another note to Baron Santiago...Is that all you have to say?
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