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After reading the text below that was originally shared by His Excellency, I 
have figured out what it means!This is a writing of what Lord Jimmy felt in his 
heart. If you will take notice Lord Jimmy continually refers to "He". I was at a 
loss when I first read it, but after His Excellency added the final line of the 
text, it all made sense. In the translation of this text from "The Book of Weeb" 
some of the words were mistranslated. For, as everyone knows, "The Book of Weeb" 
was originally written in an ancient language known as Weebinslavian. The 
reference to "he" was always an issue with the scholars. They were never quite 
sure who he was referring to. At first they thought it was the towns people for 
not believing that he had found a beautiful woman that loved him. The verbiage 
was written in "The Book of Weeb" on the page preceding "Lord Jimmy's Fruit 
Biscuit" It can be found titled "My Dreams, My Lies". Let me paraphrase it.  He 
tells of how he dreamed of a beautiful wom
an that loved him for his mind body and soul. And since man can make his dreams 
come true, she must be real. He was ridiculed for these thoughts. Then he wrote 
the text below. 

The "he" that he refers to is his long time friend and brother. His brother was 
taken from the family at a very young age and now lives a better life. "He" is 
not "he" but rather the long lost brother "H.E."

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding within the Barony.

I would like to respond to this hoarder of yurts with a short bit of period 
verse called  "Lord Jimmy's Fruit Biscuit".
I gleaned the verbiage from the Book of Weeb.
I hope it is not so complex and deep that he misunderstands it's meaning;
Can anyone guess who this hoarder might be?

And now............"Lord Jimmy's Fruit Biscuit"
How dare him spout, "It Do Not Exist!" 
He jealous n mealous,
he suffer from twitch.
He try make me stupid!
I not stupid!

(added by His Excellency)
I not stupid!
HE Stupid!

Lord Chrestien Brule
Captain of "The Phoenix"
Captain of The Bordermarch Navy (see "Unto The Noble Barony Bordermarch"
in Dec. 2009 Trumpeter)
Rapier Marshal For the Great Barony of Bordermarch
King of my lady's heart

Translator for "H.E."

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> Subject: Re: [Bordermarch] Truth sayer
> Even I the Baroness didn't get that one Your Excellency!!
> And yes all though the yurt IS done and very fine, so fine in fact that the 
> hoarder had to copy HE door design for his big old head to fit through, I did 
> request something slightly bigger.  That way our heirs(especially the wee ones) 
> can attend events with us and we will have more then enough room. Pictures are 

> available upon request. 
> Now speaking of the yurt hoarder...even as his family dwindles he yet again 
> builds another...hummmm are there wee ones in your future??
> Your very confused Baroness
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> Thank you,
> HE Santiago
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> Subject: Truth sayer
> Well,
> I am not one to say I told you so but.... I told you so.  It seems that the oh 

> so famous Baronial Yurt that the fine Baron "built" has already been retired.  

> What, you say!  How can this be?  It has not even been slept in!  I can answer 

> all of these questions with this statement...it did not exist!  I recieved a 
> message last night from our famed constructionist baron stating that he had 
> purchasd a 16' pavillion just like the new Baronial pavillion.  What about the 

> Yurt I asked.  Well it was not big enough he said.  How can this be I ask?  The 
> Baroness decreed it too small he said.  I then asked are yo sure she was 
> about the yurt?  That made him think.
> In the end the Baron insisted that the yurt was too small and that the 
> was the answer to all is problems.  So I asked if I could have the yurt.  
> Interestingly enough he said it was not available.  Now I know what I said so 
> many months ago is true...just like Big Foot, the Yeti and Atlantis, The Yurt 
> does not exist!
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