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YE Santiago I do thank you for being so concerned for myself and the welfare of my Yellow Box shoes.  People with Latino/circus - dwarf lineage have tiny feet, and so great care and attention must be given to them and the choices made in shoes. You continue to not let me down, As well as that "fellow" I hang around with Jeffery sometimes called Barbarian.  Your close attention to my Latino/circus - dwarf feet and footware only gives him more time to prepare for BAM so you are accomplishing two goals in one!  You are truly a wise leader.

In service,

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On Oct 1, 2010, at 3:20 PM, David Lathrop <dblathrop at yahoo.com> wrote:

This is a good BS story so incase you missed it I've resent it for ALL to 
read....Your Baroness

Unto Lady Catalina,

Because of your wonderful Latino/circus-dwarf lineage, you of all the little 
people should know in your heart-of-hearts that I speak only truths and 

I do remember HE Elisabeth and I having a certain therapy session with you 
during one of our many event day-trips together.

You confided in us that the previous day you had stepped in dog-poo while 
wearing your brand new Yellow Box shoes. Since you were still wearing the same 
shoes, you were worried that the poo and shoes would clash, and people at the 
event would think less of you.
HE Elisabeth and I did not want to say anything at the time, but we could tell 
by your Latino/circus-dwarf sigh of relief that a huge burden had been lifted 
from your shoulders when we assured you that everything would be ok and no one 
at the event would notice.

Please do not misunderstand what I'm about to say because you know full well 
that HE Elisabeth and I think only good thoughts when we think about your 
beautiful Yellow Box shoes, but due to your delicate mental condition at the 
time, we decided not to tell you why we later stopped mid-way to the event and 
released you from the truck.
I feel you have now progressed mentally enough to know the truth.

We released you from the truck hoping you would take that opportunity to clean 
your shoes, instead, you walked straight into the 7-11 and bought a Slurpee!

HE Elisabeth and I could take no more!
We made you ride the rest of the way to the event in the bed of the truck 
because the sweet tangy bouquet of miniature schnauzer poo and Yellow Box shoe 
polish was clashing just enough with HE Elisabeth's new Gym-Lips perfume to make 
things a bit touchy in the truck!

As your Baron I feel it is once again time to carry your cross for you.
Lady Catalina, I think what you really wanted to ask me is, "Master, I have once 
again stepped in poo and soiled my shoe and need advice from a guy like you?" 

Since you apparently failed to followed our previous advice concerning poo and 
shoes, I am now concerned that your fantastic Yellow Box shoes will lose their 

In conclusion; the answer to your question is, "Yes, it is now time to WEAR YOUR 

Give our love to that guy you've been hanging around with.

HE Santiago
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