[Bordermarch] HELP!!!! =)

Angel Billiot billiotkwhs at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 27 02:44:02 PDT 2010

Hello family and friends!

As we sit here and look at our hobbies we have realized theres nothing we go "together"......so I asked Chris if he'd like to try SCA! He asked alot of good questions, which I tried to answer. Hes decided he'd LOVE to try it out!

Heres where my problem lies.......he wants to be a fighter!

I explianed what I knew and he wants to see both. Sssssssooooo who are the marshals now? Forgive me ahead of time with the new baby I have been away!Also what are the times of the practices. Gonna try to make a meeting.

Thanks in advance
Lady Anhelica Catolina de Granada 

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