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I have been working on making chairs more appropriate for the SCA. Trying to get away from the Wal-Mart folding nylon chairs. I have made 2 so far. My Lady's chair is stained in a glossy Pecan finish. I carved a hummingbird into the back piece and carved her name on the back of the back piece. It also has a hunter green faux leather pad for a cousion. My chair has my Arms carved into it and a black faux leather cushion. I plan on carving something into the back of mine, but I have been informed that I have to make a few more chairs (6) before I can continue on mine.

I have also been making my plaques with daggers being the main theme (I call them tattoo art) My next one will be a dagger through a clay heart (Thank you Karen) with parchment paper scrolls with my lady's and my names on it. Sorry, it's really a visual thing. You can see them on my facebook page if your interested.

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> Our computer is still in the shop so I'll pass on a message from our A&S officer Lord Nikolai,
> "OK folks, what's been happening in the A&S world? Send in a description of what you've been up to."
> .
> I know for a fact that Sir Simonn and some of the guys have been in the armory making new armor and accruements for their protection during battle.
> M'Lord Grant will probably be learning how to roll metal. I'm sure he had this epiphany when the edge of his helm contacted the bridge of his nose to leave a slight abrasion.
> M'Lord James has been diligently working on construction of his shield press.
> He is also in the process of putting together another batch of mead.
> I know Lady Jillian entered her Black-Work piece in the Loctoberfest A&S contest.
> I know M'Lord beau has been doing some calligraphy and illumination, and was paired up with a Laurel at Loctoberfest to help critic the A&S contest.
> I know HE Elisabeth has been knocking out those Kumihimo Japanese braided corded things. She never leaves the house without her Kumihimo equipment.
> HE Elisabeth has also developed a pattern based on a period piece of clothing and has made a dress from it.
> She has also recently made some period dresses for others who will be attending BAM this year.
> I'm pretty sure it was I who was conned into making a marudai. A murudai is a wood stool with a hole in the center of the seat. HE Elisabeth will use it to make larger and more complex Kumihimo cordage. The cordage or flat belts  she makes can be used as trim or stand-alone clothing accessories.
> I know that Lord Adolf the Bear has made a his very first forge for his blacksmithing interest, I'm sure he would like to elaborate!
> M'Lord Bear has probably produced another batch of his wonderful mead, so I do hope we hear from him to find out what kind it is.
> We have other who have been working on scrolls and other things for BAM, we would like to hear from all of you.
> HE Santiago
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