[Bordermarch] Heather Dale House Concert MONDAY/MAY 2

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Wed Apr 13 07:30:48 PDT 2011

Heater Dale is one fantastic singer.
We've seen her live in concert before!  I'm putting MAY 2/MONDAY on the 
calendar and will bring foodies-doodies!
I can hear her now, standing in your loft, singing to everyone downstairs!
...We all gonna get some goose bumps!!...

?? To wear comfy garb?  or casual modern??  What do you suggest?

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> Greetings Bordermarch and friends,
> I know some of you might not know of Heather Dale so here's Wikipedia's 
> description of her;
> "Heather Dale is a Canadian<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian> Celtic 
> recording artist<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_music> and touring 
> musician. She records and performs primarily her own original songs, which 
> draw their inspiration from the mythology, folklore and history of various 
> Celtic and non-Celtic cultures. Her musical style is a mix of traditional 
> and modern, with elements from Celtic folk, jazz, blues, folk-rock and 
> world music influences. Her recording The Hidden Path was nominated for a 
> 2007 Aurora Award<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora_Award>. She and Ben 
> Deschamps won the 2009 Pegasus 
> Award<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegasus_Award> for Best Performer(s). 
> In 2005 Heather received a double Pegasus nomination for her songwriting, 
> and she won the 2010 Pegasus for Best Writer/Composer."
> Heather Dale and her band tour Europe, Canada, and the states doing 
> concerts for large and small venues. They occasionally will do a "House 
> Concert" if all the stars are lined up just right!
> I'm now here to tell you that Heather Dale will be doing a House Concert 
> at HE Elisabeth's and my home this upcoming May 2nd!
> Any and all are invited!
> There will be no MOC present, but if you think your children would like to 
> listen to some beautiful Celtic music with a bunch of grown-ups feel free 
> to bring them also.
> Bring some friends if you have any.
> Since we can't charge admission for a house concert, we will have a hat at 
> the door and are encouraging each attendee to perhaps donate $10 to $15, 
> or more if you just have some money you want to get rid of, to help with 
> the performer's expenses.
> We all know that Bordermarcher's never have a gathering without food 
> soooooo... we would like to show our visitors some of Bordermarch's 
> hospitality and treat them to some of the wonderful culinary delights that 
> ya'll prepare so well.
> Give me or HE Elisabeth a shout-out for more info. I do not have a time 
> set in stone yet, but I'm assuming the concert's going to be sometime in 
> the evening.
> Please visit Heather Dale at, Heatherdale.com, and also check her out on 
> Youtube, she's fantastic!
> By the way; Heather Dale, 'Mistress Marian of Heatherdale', has been in 
> the SCA since 1993, and she belongs to the Order of the Laurel!
> Hope to hear from ya'll,
> HE Santiago
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