[Bordermarch] Stargate/Loch event

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Wed Apr 13 09:23:07 PDT 2011

Lord Chrestien Brule, now that you have a bone-eh-fied 'Letter of Mark' signed by TRM, why don't you write us a few words about that 'deer in the headlight' look you were sporting in that Facebook video of the Letter of Mark being signed? And let us know just what that Letter of Mark cost you.

I want to thank Lord Sasha for the wonderful bit of entertainment at last weekend's Stargate/Loch event. It seems he was walking right in front of God and Country when he stepped on Lady Angelica's dress and started wind milling. I now realize why nobody rushes to help me whenever I start to take a tumble; the hilarity of it is paralyzing! I didn't think Lord Sasha would ever get his legs back under his torso, but he kept mumbling his mantra, "Party, Thrust, Pie' fermo, Party, Thrust, Passo Grando, like only a true cadet of Don Armand's would. When he did finally right himself he quickly scanned the area to see if anyone saw his mishap; he was safe, there were no witnesses.

I want to thank Lord Calvin for holding on to those three sticks while HE Dona Leah and HE Elisabeth set up the baronial pavilion.

Lady Jillian and company provided some mighty tasty eats for the whole group, and everything was much appreciated.

Since the lyst was already completely surrounded with pavilions when we arrived, we really appreciate the Phoenix Company and Wolfstar spending the night or arriving early enough to secured a spot for HE Elisabeth, me, and the rest of Bordermarch, along the lyst field.
By the way, Bordermarch's Phoenix Company's new pavilion is looking mighty spiffy with all their banners and flags. There are some artist within that group who we must exploit!

Our thanks go out to Lady Claire la Combe and friends for providing much needed food and drink for everyone.

Olaf's new hair-do inspired me to be ughhhh... a better person?

Lord Biau brought some of our Scribal Guild's gear to loan out during the event, it was much appreciated. I was concerned when he asked me to go over to the scribes who were using the gear and tell them that they couldn't keep the stuff!

A few folks were accidently culled from our caravan to the event. We don't know what happened, but they ended up about 50 miles behind us.

Lady Padraigin arrived at our departure point in a such timely manner so as to be able to depart with the rest of the crew. She even had time to show off to HE Elisabeth her new articulating monkey pendant.

It was extremely hot during the day, but thankfully the wind was gusting just enough to blow the cool dust and grass particles high enough to be able to capture some with your eyes and mouth!

I'm wondering if some of those who attended the event with us could write their own description of something that they either witnessed or pilfered during the day.
We had a great time at the event, and we had fun visiting with all our Bordermarchers and friends, let's do it again!

HE Santiago

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