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Thelismar at bordermarch.org Thelismar at bordermarch.org
Fri Apr 15 12:55:11 PDT 2011

hello & greetings fair barony...
   first i want to clear some confusion...the Ansteorran Heraldric &
Scribal Symposium will be held on 30 July 2011 @ the Beaumont Art
League...This a kingdom level event held annually @ about the same time
as the first weekend of Pennsic...I am currently awaiting budget
signatures before submission & securing the date on the kingdom
calendar...Any & all help is welcome...of course Baronials does come
first...Just keep the AHSS event in your minds & in your
calendar...There will be "hat & bat" demos for those who are willing
during said event...likewise, i need commitment from those interested
in teaching &/or attending the event...I have already secured some big
names in calligraphy & illumination as well as heraldric categories to
lend hand in teaching...This has all the markings of a truly
well-crafted workshop for those in & out of the SCA wishing to explore
medieval artistry...Volunteers are most welcome... Remember, many hands
make light work... Secondly, i wish to hold an event planning meeting
for the same event on Friday May 20th @ the Art Studio @ or about
6pm...I will personally contact the primary persons for this meeting to
invite them to help plan...Thirdly, how does the populace feel about me
shifting the Scribal Guiild times to be held on Fridays 630pm-930pm @
the Art Studio...pls send feedback...I can & will shift immediately if
consensus is positive for such a move...thx, Biau-douz de la Mere

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