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Thu Apr 28 05:45:57 PDT 2011

Greetings People,

Let us not forget the unforgettable---POPULACE!
It's tonight at Gander Mountain's Lodge Room, 7:00pm. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. We have a lot of stuff coming up and we need to make certain all of our ducks are lined up.
If you happen to run into our Seneschal, Lady Padraigin, today, please remind her about Populace tonight.
And if you perchance also run into Lord Chrestien Brule today, please let him know that he can certainly wear his new heavy armor to populace tonight.

This Saturday a group of Bordermarchers shall be journeying to Gleann Abhann's Shire of Blackmoor Keep, our good neighbors to the east.
We will be attending their event called "Forest Maiden-Seven Year Itch" a very charming event name indeed!
It will take place at Camp Wi-Ta-Wentin - 2185 Campfire Rd Lake Charles. I've posted the directions below.
If you live on Oxford Street these directions are valid, but if you don't you're on your own.

Forest Maiden-Seven Year Itch Camp Wi-Ta-Wentin - Lake Charles 2185 Campfire Rd
69.5 mi (about 1 hour 15 mins)

Head north on Oxford St toward South St

0.1 mi


Take the 1st left onto South St

0.1 mi


Turn right onto N 11th St

0.9 mi


Turn right onto I-10 Frontage Rd

0.2 mi


Merge onto I-10 E via the ramp on the left to Port of Beaumont
Entering Louisiana

59.7 mi


Take exit 33 to merge onto US-171 N toward Deridder/Shreveport

5.5 mi


Turn right onto You Winn Rd

1.5 mi


Turn left onto Campfire Rd
Destination will be on the left

I'm certain everyone remembers last year's unsuccessful attempt to annex Gleann Abhann's  Shire of Blackmoor Keep. We wanted to secure Bordermarch's borders on both sides of the Great Sa-Bean river.  Although negotiations with were well underway with those in Gleann Abhann who cannot be named, the deal was thwarted by circumstances beyond our control.
This year we have gathered all those in Bordermarch with large brains, and after much food and drink we have devised a new plan to do something!
There are a few folk within our populace who unfortunately do not possess a large brain. They have inquired as to the details pertaining to the plan; I shall attempt to appease their curiosity.

a)      The plan involves the services of Captain Lord Chrestien Brule, the Phoenix, and it's gimp-armed first mate.

b)      The plan requires the services of a large salt-water snail.

c)       Our Good Will emissaries, Sir Simonn and Countess Mistress Tessa of the Gardens, have executed the first phase of the plan during their recent visit to Gleann Abhann.

d)      The Baronial Pickle and the Baronial Pickle Fork are integral to the success of our plan.

e)      Higher mathematics will not be used in conjunction with this year's plan.

f)       A thumping Gizzard will never replace a real heart.

Please join us as we execute the next phase of our plan at Blackmoor Keep's Forest Maiden-Seven Year Itch.

HE Santiago

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