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I need pictures of this grand Populace!

Lady Pandora,
Assistant Chronicler and major 'poke and prodder' for contributors!!!!!!

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Good morning Bordermarch,

I am bit saddened right now because I did not wake up in time to watch the Royal 
wedding this morning; I do hope I can live with the emptiness that now weighs 
heavy on my heart!

During last night's Populace a few things previously known only to a select few 
were finally laid out bare for public pondering and speculation.

First of all I'd like to thank HE Dona Leah for revealing to the group that the 
large camp kitchen she has been secreting away for her personal use these last 
few years will finally be at our disposal should we need it for our Baronial 
event, or maybe even at the Ansteorra Heraldric/Scribal Symposium; she is such 

As per Lady Jillian's previously posted email, it was announced that Lady Cymme 
& Lord Slovacek's devices passed. When the announcement was made the room 
virtually erupted with jubilant joy, and every eye in the room, even the eye of 
the guy in the bathroom, was wetted with tears.

Lord Jacob Rot Ross Templin continues his quest to design the perfect portable 
shower. His journey has led him to Home Depot and all the other Big-Box stores 
in the area. We are all waiting with wetted lips for a scaled prototype.

HE Therese, our Treasurer, has balanced the books and finished her reports. With 
help and guidance from Lord Thomas, the Treasurer office's new lap-top computer 
has been ordered. HE Therese will soon be able to discard the baronial abacus 
and move into the 21st century.

Lord Chrestien Brule brought his new welded chainmail shirt for the 
Show-and-Tell portion of the populace meeting. It appeared very well made and 
was lighter than one would expect a mail shirt to be. Without realizing it he 
may have stumbled onto a new fashion trend for the light fighters in the group.

Sir Simonn talked about the Last Days of Christ demo, and it seems it was very 
well attended. The demo was a introduction to the SCA for several potential 

Although not present, Lady Angelica our Hospitaler, was represented by Countess 
Tessa, the Coastal Regional Hospitaler. Countess Tessa said Lady Angelica was 
doing an outstanding job, her reports are turned in on time, and her New/Old 
articles which are printed in the Trumpeter every month are being well received 
by others in our fair Kingdom. Keep up the good work Lady Angelica!

HE Don Armand was not present, but his most favorite cadet, Lord Nikolai, was.
Lord Nikolai and Lord Malcolm are the Autocrats for this year's baronial. Lord 
Nikolai gave a stellar report to the populace on all the happenings pertaining 
to the event so far.
Last year we had about 50 or more Bordermarchers at our baronial event and this 
year, with Crown attending the event, we'll need that same number and more to 
help spread the work load. Contact the autocrats to see where they could best 
use your help during the event.

Lady Jillian came through once again and provided the populace with some 
homemade garlic bread and a heaping bowl of a smooth hootis spread that was 
judiciously infused with secret herbs and spices. It all disappeared in short 

Lord Biau, our extreme leader of our Scribal Guild, has offered to move the 
scribal classes now being held on every other Sunday to a time slot that would 
be more convenient for attendees. Every other Friday was thrown out there as a 
possible date and it was well received. Since we'd like to get some more input 
pertaining to the date change of the classes, please contact Lord Biau or 
someone else and let them know what you think about it.

HE Elisabeth and me, Sir Simonn and Countess Tessa, M'Lord Atli Karlsson, Lord 
Chrestien Brule and the kids, HE Dona Leah, and-----you fill in your name 
here---- will be attending the Shire of Blackmoor Keep's Forest Maiden event in 
Lake Charles this Saturday, that's tomorrow.
Since it's such a short drive, about an hour from Beaumont, we'll be arriving at 
site early. We plan on sitting around in the shade doing nothing except eating 
some green grapes.
HE Dona Leah will be running the rapier scenarios and Lord Chrestien Brule will 
be helping. If you can only come out for but a few hours, come on down! Eat some 
grapes with us. Watch the fighting. Maybe we'll see a Chupacabras chasing a 
Contact me if you need directions, but since I usually get lost going to events, 
you might do better getting directions from their website, just type into 
Google, "Blackmoor Keep Forest Maiden" and that should get you there.

Don't forget about the Heather Dale concert at our house 110 Dawn Dr. in Silsbee 
Tx. on May 2, this coming Monday. It's open to everyone. Contact me if you need 
directions or some other info.
If you type in our address on your GPS or a Google map you only get as far as 
our mailbox at the top of the hill. Continue straight down the hill, around the 
corner, past the red barn, and on to the our yellow house at the end of that 

HE Santiago

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