[Bordermarch] Barony Update

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 16:50:25 PST 2011

Good Evening All,

For those of you who missed Populace tonight we thought you'ld like an update:

1) Starting in January 2012 there will be a door prize given at our monthly populace meetings. You place your name in the hat each meeting and must be present to win.

2) The Barony will have a "Meet & Greet" Barony Gathering twice this year. Once at Rogers Park and once in at Their Excellencies home. These gatherings will be for Bordermarchers to bring a friend(s) to a day full of fun. We will hold demonstrations and offer information on the SCA as a whole and our own local group. Will will provide refreshments, food and classes as well. Dates will be announced soon.

3) Bam was very successful this year bringing close to 800 people through the gates. Thanks to all who helped make it another great year and helped Santiago and Dona Leah persevere. 

4) Due to the growing numbers at BAM and the size of our Barony it has been decided and agreed upon by the majority of populace that we keep our champions for a two year term and that we hold all championships at BAM alternating positions every other year. This means there will not be a Baronial Championship held separately in the spring. We are working closely with the Rapier, Chivalric, Bard, Archery, Equestrian and A&S communities to come up with new and exciting ways to offer championship competitions at BAM. We would love to hear from any one of you and gladly except ideas. Our present champions are all on board and elated that they are able to serve this Barony longer.

5) So we can get to know each other better we will also have someone from our group, member or not, introduce themselves and tell a little about their role in the SCA, how they chose their name and what got them started (5 minute max). A new person will be introduced each month at populace. What a great way to learn a little more about those around us.  Please sign up with the B&B. 

See you all at 12th Night. It should be a great time for everyone.

Elisabeth & Santiago

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