[Bordermarch] Populace 6/30/2011

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Fri Jul 1 08:01:51 PDT 2011

Greetings Bordermarch,

For those who could not make Populace last night I shall run down the highlights:

1.       Lady Jillian once again brought some food. This time it was her 5-flavored beef that did not quite make it into our Baronial A&S competition. She will freeze the leftovers from last night's populace and enter the dish in next year's A&S competition, or maybe the year after next.

2.       Lord Thomas's Treasurer's report found us in good standing.

3.       Lord Biau somehow rolled his Knight Marshal and Scribal Guild reports into one glorious bucket of verbiage; he talked about some other stuff.

4.       Lord Biau also went over the status of the upcoming AHSS event and it looks like things are well in hand. We still need everyone to help out Countess Tessa with the food requirements.

5.       Lady Angelica had her Deputy M'Lady Magdelena relay her report during the meeting. She reported that we have several new members and more folks interested in the group.

6.       Lord Chrestien could not make it to populace to give his Rapier Marshal's report due to his gimpy knees failing him again and since he was not present to defend himself, we did not accuse him of much. I also heard that his foot is swollen up as big as his head! Despite all this, all is well in the Rapier community and practices are rolling along just fine. Good job Lord Chrestien!

7.       During our Baronial event Lord Ulferth discovered that his full name is really Ulferth Erickson, the barony is now pondering as a group as to who might his father be. Some have speculated that his father might be Lord Adolf and some think his father is Sir Simonn. Lord Adolf already has a son named Brand Eirikr and we think that could be where Ulferth's last name came from.

Since Lord Zane, son of Sir Simonn, has black hair, and Lord Ulferth has black hair, it quite obvious there is a genetic connection there. We shall investigate further and take a      poll as to who the mysterious father might be; the results shall be posted at a later date.

8.       Lady Karen the Knowledgeable informed me that the frame with the electric light built into it that presently surrounds the portrait of the Mona Lisa is not a period frame. I must take into consideration the this is the same Lady Karen who owns a yodeling pickle, and the very same Lady Karen who married a man whose first date was in the arm of one of those gigantic inflatable purple gorillas one sees floating over used car dealerships! With the credentials in her resume' I know she speaks the truth.

9.       Lord Slovaczek entered populace looking absolutely 'Studdly-like'.

10.   HE Dona Leah was fashionably late, but was immediately forgiven when everyone realized that she was sporting a new hot pink rapier outfit designed by Bordermarch's very own Brewers Guild.

11.   The autocrat of our recent Baronial event was asked to give his report, he proudly puffed out his chest and proclaimed, "I heard tell it was a wonderful event!"

12.   Lord Rudy had his arm surgically rendered immobile so he would not be able to raise it to volunteer for anything else.

13.   M'Lady Ida is back with the group and displayed some of her handmade wooden children's toys. HE Elisabeth tried out the paddle thing and Lord Biau used the wood block to get everyone's attention when he wanted to interject something into the conversation.

14.   Lord Sewallis volunteered to help anyone who needed help; all they need do is ask; we shall never forget those words.

15.   Young non-don Isaac is chomping at the bits to help out in the rapier community. We had to restrain him due to his enthusiasm.

16.   Our Seneschal, Lady Padraigin, or is it Lady....I really can't remember her new name, continues with her excellent leadership skills and has all her officers snapping to her every whim.

There were two present at Populace who could not make it to our recent Baronial event. These two fine folks were awarded Sable Cranes at the event by Their Royal Majesties Lochlan Dunn and Gwen verch Cynwrig. TRM allowed HE Elisabeth and me to present the two Sable Crane scrolls to Lord Phocas and Lady Pandora. Countess Tessa conveyed the written words from the scrolls to the populace with grace and professionalism. I only had to help her with the big letter at the very start of the words.

Lord Phocas and Lady Pandora vowed to continue with their service oriented attitudes and are sure to infect others with their passion, VIVAT!!!

Everyone went out to eat somewhere after populace.

That's all I've got, but please post to the list corrections to my post if you find any.

HE Santiago

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