[Bordermarch] Food request for Ansteoran Heraldic Scribal Symposium JULY 30

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Jul 6 10:13:54 PDT 2011

Feel free to print this, to have your own checklist :)

JULY 30, 2011
Steward:  Lord Biau
beaudumesnil at hotmail.com
There is no budget provided for purchasing foods.  Donations are requested.

The following known contributions are being planned for July 30:
Blank lines next to food or drink need yet to be provided.

Homebaked breads:     Melia,  Mary,  Jillian,  & Tessa
Anyone have extra jars of jellies or jams or preserves you would like to give? _________
Cheese tray/s:               ___________  ____________
Lemonade:                  Tessa
Tea:                              ___________
Coffee:                          ___________
Bottled water:                ___________
Bottled or canned soft drinks: _______
Cookies:                      Mickey/Magdelena
More Cookies...            Mickey/Magdelena 
Chicken ka-bobs:           ___________
Chicken salad:               ___________
Meatball casserole:        ___________
Pork Roast                  HE Elisabeth
Cool crawfish salad:     Katerina 
...(? Katerina has been ill in hospital, San Jacinto. Please keep hold her up in prayers. Does someone else have her recipe for Crawfish salad?)

Tomato-basil salad:     HE Elisabeth
Artichoke salad           Tessa
Potato salad:              Libby 
Green salad ingredients: _______________
Fruits:                           _______________
Melons:                         _______________
Yogurt:                          _______________
5 oz. or 6 oz. plastic flutes to serve yogurt ___(Tessa has 20 plastic flutes to give)
Yogurt TOPPINGS:        _______________
We will also be stuffing chilled dates w. cream cheese and walnuts.
If you would like to contribute additional
packages of dates, cream cheese, & walnuts, please let Tessa know.

Others: __________________________
Others: __________________________

If you have something else in mind, and/or if you are not able to
attend AHSS but are willing to provide something that may be served that day, 
please respond to tessa at gt.rr.com
We are needing food contributions for an indoor noonday repast for maybe 70 persons or more.

We do have use of a small site kitchen with refrig, sink, stove, and microwave during the day July 30.
Thank you  :)

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