[Bordermarch] Germanicus & Dane the Red are coming home!

Germanicus de Atlan ldgermanicus at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 11 19:48:47 PDT 2011

Greetings Bordermarch!,
It's my honor to announce that His Majesties' King's Division Youth Combat Champion will be riding with me to Bordermarch Wednesdayand staying until Friday.  Wednesday and Thursday he'll first be working alongside his knight and mentor Sir Simonn on his new armor before we start the long march northward to Pennsic War.  Dane / Connor has not been to Bordermarch other than to B.A.M. for manyyears (he's 15 now) and he's really looking forward to getting re-acquainted with as many of you in the Barony as he can!
Then we'll be at the Logon Cafe Wednesday evening, then Fighter Practice Thursday night, and Dane is bringing his Youth Combat gearincluding lots of spare equipment in the hopes of training with you and learning more of why Bordermarch has our long-deserved reputation on the battlefield.  For those of you who have young fighters in your households needing to be authorized for Youth Combat in Ansteorra,I'd be honored and more than happy to hold the Kingdom Youth Combat authorization and training class and work with our future mightychampions!  I'll have all of the necessary forms with me and the class is easy and fun, perhaps 20 minutes, then lots of training and hands-on time for the young warriors. Also for any children who are just curious about Youth Combat in Ansteorra, I'll be available for lots of "show-and-tell" with Dane's helpso bring your mighty munchkins and invite their friends to join the fun as well.  By the way, Youth Combat marshals from Gleann Abhann attending this past Steppes Warlord saw the calibar and numbers of our fearless young champions, and told me they were going back to warn their Kingdom about what they are facing at this years' Bordermarch Melees! NOTE:  For any childs' authorization class and/or actual sparring, a parent or legal guardian MUST be present! As far as I know Bordermarch also needs an authorized Youth Combat Marshal which I can also hold the class for, so please pass the wordto those parents and adults who would find out more!  We look to seeing you all again and being being back in Bordermarch! At your service,Lord Germanicus de Atlan                                                                   Dane the RedCentral Region Youth Combat Marshal                                                  King's Division Youth Combat Champion


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