[Bordermarch] Gatesedge Fighter Practice starts earlier

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sat Jul 16 07:38:38 PDT 2011

Perhaps Ms Annes will post for their KMarshal some location directions for 
Gate's Edge practice at Meyer Park?
Or you could contat her directly at <annescvb at gmail.com> to ask.

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> Where is Meyer Park?
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>> Date: Friday, July 15, 2011, 8:52 AM
>> FYI, after popular request, Sunday's
>> Fighter Practice in Meyer Park will
>> start at 10 Am instead of 11 Am. It will go until we are to
>> hot and tired
>> from having fun to continue...Please remember to bring lots
>> to
>> drink...hydration is very important.
>> Posting for the Knight's Marshal who is at work today.
>> -- 
>> Annes
>> "Munerius Ultra Sanitas"
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