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Greetings sweet Lady
Your Mothers passing saddens me, but that you were able to bring her such 
happiness in her time of pain tells me of the love you two shared and that is 
the bond that even death cannot break. My family's prayers go with you and 
Charles in your journey and may you have a safe trip.
wes  and family

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Dear Friends,

Just a message to let you know that I got a call yesterday (Friday) that my 
Mother had passed away  peacefully in her sleep.  She had just turned 95 in 
January and my brother had taken her to his house in Baton Rouge in March.  I 
made her a CD of me playing the church organ a couple of weeks ago, and the home 
health hospice lady called to tell me that she asked to listen to the CD every 
single day and she especially liked hearing my voice on the recording. She had 
been in such pain the last few weeks that I am so happy she is in a better 
place.  Keep us in your prayers as Charles an I make the 8 hour drive to Conway, 
Arkansas for the funeral service scheduled for Tuesday.


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