[Bordermarch] Baronials

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 09:02:59 PDT 2011

Dear Populace,
Have you missed me???  Well here I am back in the game.  Our youngest son is finally on his way to being "GROWN" we think or no maybe we hope!! Our newest granddaughter Emma (Austin's daughter) is just over a year old and we finally have more time with her but it's been a court battle. One which has kept me away from whats really important, friends and family!!  Along with that I also resigned from my long time supervisory position in Silsbee and have excepted a new and exciting position with Spinal Associates of Houston/BMT. I am the Nursing Coordinator over their spinal procedure department. I will be located in BMT and at first will have very long hours but am up for the challenge and happy to be with a new facility. My heart has been with you over the last year and perhaps now I can be more present. My Lord Santiago deserves much credit for keeping you all going while I continued to handle the family matters. We are a great team and I love him

Okay enough of the misty eyes....

Baronials is fast approaching and our autocrats and coordinators are in need of many hands. We are looking forward to a wonderful event with Their Majesties present and hope there will be a grand turnout.  Please make yourself and your offerings known so they may be able to plan things accordingly for the day.

My personal thanks again to Lord Malcom and Lord Nikolai for all they are doing to make this years Baronial Event happen. Without you all helping Santiago and I we couldn't be the Bordermarch we are known for. 

Vivat Autocrats Vivat Coordinators Vivat Bordermarch

God's Grace and Let the Dream Live On,


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