[Bordermarch] Officers and Bordermarch Email addresses

Phocas of Bordermarch phocas at bordermarch.org
Thu Jun 23 03:08:49 PDT 2011

  Last weekend I had the Bordermarch website moved in an effort to save us
some money.  *I* paid the hosting service to move the site so that it would
get done right and I would not have to hassle with all the technical issues.

They botched the job badly and I'm still hassling them to get the Calendar
and gallery fixed.

Bad news is they didn't move the email addresses, and are now telling me
they DON'T have a backup of those after deleting the old website location!
So I have to re-set-up all the email account- which are primarily the
Officer forward accounts.
 Any emails sent to a Bordermarch email account in the last could days
likely went in a black hole and is long gone.  You will need to resend it,
but it is going to be a few more days before I can get all the Officer email
reset-up as I don't have a copy of where those emails forward to.

OFFICERS:  Please send me an email with the email account you would like
your officer emails forwarded to  Phocas at bordermarch.org

Sorry for the inconveniences,


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